Gangster Mayhem games

Gangster Mayhem games

Gangster Mayhem games is great military fun. In it, the players are waiting for dangerous adventures and bloody fights. To play for free, users will be on the side of the law, they will have to face notorious criminals trying their best to seize the building of a secret prison. Villains seek to unleash the most crazy thugs, and only players will be able to stop gangster lawlessness. The main objectives are to prevent the enemy from entering the base, to release hostages, friends who were captured, and to destroy every single criminal. Make it work out only using strength, dexterity and cunning.
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Fascinating Gangster Mayhem games

Gangster Mayhem games online The life of criminals is dangerous, they are not written laws and only the strongest, bravest and desperate survives. Playing Gangster Mayhem games, users can plunge into a world filled with dangers. Gangs have become on the warpath, they will stop at nothing. In the hands of the villains a deadly weapon, and only speed and ruthlessness will help to survive. The war gave rise to lawlessness, and the criminals felt complete impunity, they decided to release their prisoners and take power into their own hands. Gangster Mayhem games online

A huge game of gangsters, which won many fans, the authors have released six parts, so that players can fight as much as possible. All parts are extremely fascinating, in them the only goal is the struggle for life, and the rules go to the background. Users will take the side of good, they will have at their disposal a small special forces detachment with well-trained agents. The main thing is not to allow the villains to the base, if the control is lost, then the battle is lost and evil will win.

Gangster Mayhem games will be played at any convenient time from any computer. Download and install on the hard disk do not need any of the parts. All of them are launched with one click in a couple of seconds right in the browser window. All versions are completely free, you cannot buy a victory here, you can only get it in battles.

Game process in Gangster Mayhem games

The story begins with the fact that the criminals somehow found out where the most secret prison with the most dangerous villains is located. They have a plan to attack the building and set free the thieves and murderers. Maybe of course they would have succeeded, but the best agents were sent to defend the building. It is on their side that players will have to fight.

Nows gangsters of the game are not just in which you need to shoot, they have a lot of tasks:

  • Think defense tactics;
  • Use military trick;
  • Free the hostages;
  • Replenish stocks of weapons;
  • Destroy the enemy.

Gangster Mayhem games online The first part of Gangster Mayhem games are the simplest level of complexity. It is suitable for novice commanders. In it, you just need to clear the territory of criminal elements, for this users receive game currency. For virtual money, you can improve equipment and weapons, buy more grenades and other bonus items.

The following parts of the task become more difficult. Not only the data on the number of villains attacking the base and the health of the defense squad appears in the menu, but also the data on how protected the building itself is, any penetration of bandits reduces the chances of winning.

In all parts of the game, the user will have to develop defense tactics and use all possible advantages on the battlefield. From time to time there are barrels of fuel on the territory if fuel explodes with aptly shot at them. The main thing is to get the enemy as close as possible, and the detachment did not get into the zone of the shock wave from the explosion. The walls and trees are a great opportunity to hide, from there you can fire aimed at the enemy without fear of getting a bullet.

Not all members of the squad were lucky, some were captured. Enemies are holding hostages in cages scattered throughout the terrain around the base. The task of the detachment is not only the defense of a secret prison, but also the release of their own. This can be done only if you find the place of the content of a friend and come close to him.

Gangster Mayhem games are very funny, they have good graphics and excellent music, forcing the situation. Each shot is realistically voiced, and when the bullet reaches the target, the enemy emits the last breath.

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