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Operate now games

Operate now games online, they can try themselves in the role of surgeon for free. Users have a chance to get better acquainted with the body of a person and the profession of a life saving doctor. To play it is necessary very carefully and concerns to process with all responsibility, accurately to follow advice of the medical personnel. One awkward movement or if the specialist delayed with the action can lead to the death of the patient and the red screen will light up. Games offer a diverse choice of tasks, you can perform an operation on the brain or spinal cord, transplant the heart or return the patient's vision.
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Operate now games for future doctors

Many children dream of growing up and becoming doctors. They are attracted by the idea of ​​saving lives and treating other people from deadly diseases. Games Operate now will allow young doctors not to wait for the graduation of the school, university and internship, and improve themselves in a noble profession, without departing from the computer screen, and how to know if a beginner doctor will someday be a famous surgeon sometime in the future. Operate now games online

In the section collected Operate now games on different subjects, they have a chance to get acquainted with different parts of the human body and internal organs. Understand what diseases are treated, for example, beginners can easily perform a surgical intervention in:

  • Oral cavity removing tonsils;
  • Cut the stomach ulcer from which the patient suffered;
  • With the help of a laser to restore the patient's sight;
  • Take a cardio surgeon and save the life of a person with a sick heart.

Operate now the game specifically created in the vocational guidance for children and adolescents. Romance specialty can go into the background, and the child will eventually understand that he really did not want to be a doctor, but time will be lost. That's why the authors tried to create the most realistic way to recreate the process of carrying out the operation, but at the same time do it in such a way that impressionable people are not afraid.

All Operate now games for free, they do not have built-in stores paying for real money, so parents can not worry about their wallet. Download and install no applications, they all start online after a few seconds of waiting.

Features of Operate now games

Operate now games online All games are different process, but have a common history and management. Operate now games as close to reality. In them, the user becomes an intern and enters the training in this or that branch of the hospital. It is here that he will learn how to be a surgeon. Operate now games online

The meeting with the patient begins with the acquaintance, the nurse presents the doctor to the patient and tells what exactly is bothering him. The first thing any doctor should do is to examine and prepare a patient for surgery. In the case of cardiac pathology, the beginning cardiosurgeon will perform a complete examination, take blood for tests, remove the indicators from the ECG apparatus. Depending on the tasks, it will be a heart transplant or an installation of a pacemaker the whole process of the player will go step by step. The main thing is to act extremely cautiously, in these games one awkward step or sloppy movement can kill the patient and the game will be over.

Depending on the type of surgical intervention, users can choose for themselves tasks, for example, future orthopedists will be interested in an operation on the kneecap or learn the secrets of the structure of the spine in terms of chronic scoliosis. Neurosurgeons will undergo all stages of treatment for epilepsy and, if the surgery is successful, they will permanently rid the sweet girl of seizures.

As in real life, in a virtual operating theater, every minute counts. In the upper corner, a young specialist can see the readings of the instruments and the time allowed to perform a task, if the player is distracted, there is no forgiveness, and the patient is dead, it will only be resurrected by starting the whole process from the very beginning, it's good that an inexperienced doctor starts with Virtual hospital.

For every correct action, players are awarded points, and if a simple mistake is made, they are written off. Operate now games created in excellent quality, all actions are accompanied by sound effects, and the background sounds a pleasant melody.

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