Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games

Once again, fans of Oriental culture will be able to get in touch with it, starting playing for free in online Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games. You will meet two cheerful and mischievous girls, who organized their own musical group. They are the exact opposite of the characters and tastes, but they are still friends. One loves pop music, the other prefers heavy metal. About them the animated series on which then have created game products is removed. Help the heroines reach the stage in time to start their concert. Jump through the barriers, move the boxes, collect bonuses.
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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games: with music for life

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games online In the land of the rising sun live the talented girls Yumi Yoshimura and Ami Onuki. The peak of popularity of singers was at the end of the last century, when their performances were played on all channels. During the time of joint creativity, a lot of clips were created, and also a cartoon animated series was released, after which games were created by Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi . Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games online

Multik introduced the whole world to the creativity of girls, telling about their adventures. Although Yumi and Ani are completely different in character, they remain loyal friends. This is an unusual duet, because it does not follow a certain musical direction. For spectators, concerts are always a surprise, because the pop-direction alternates with heavy metal. This gives the view a chaotic charm, and builds the singer to a new level of popularity.

Mult serial shows how the girls go on tour in the countries, they gather the full halls of the fans, but this is only a part of their life. After the concert, the heroines go to clubs, discos, meetings. What happens to them, how they live, what they like, how they solve problems, all this is in a fun cartoon.

Sooner or later, the final credits appear, and it becomes sad that everything is over. But now there is no reason for sadness, because the relay takes Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games. With them, you start a new chapter of entertainment, in order to discover the still unexplored spaces of fun.

This game, then the adventure

The presented game products perfectly characterize two heroines. Since in life they are always in motion, in a virtual world conditions are created when they have to deal with a lot of difficult situations. The search for a solution is always accompanied by a brainstorming session, in order to find it quickly and with the best result. It happens in such genres:

  • Draki
  • Boots
  • Cleaning
  • Options

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games online Sometimes only one girl participates in the toys, sometimes both, and therefore the management will proceed to them alternately. Often, making a world tour, they have to rush to the stage, overcoming obstacles, trying not to be late. It's no secret that on the roads there are always traffic jams, and Ami and Yumi jump out of the car and run to the venue of the event. On the way, they jump through cars, people, logs, boxes, avoid collision with birds.

Drive during Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games is a frequent phenomenon. In some scenes, control takes place with one mouse, but sometimes it goes to the keys. For example, in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, each of the singers is endowed with unique abilities that help to overcome the distance. Yumi hits the guitar and drags boxes, applying his skills in a certain situation. After the three rooms are behind, switch to Ami, which is able to attract objects and cling to the hooks. So, passing between the characters, you should go through all the levels. Help in this key:



Japanese are credited with the ability to stand up for themselves, even children can fight.

  • Enter starting traffic
  • C character change
  • Z jumping
  • D ability selection
  • X shock
  • The arrows are moving

Having opened Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi games, help heroines repel attacks by enemies. It can be another girl or a monkey owning a karate. Use against them professional blows, and defeat all opponents. This time, the control also happens to the keys, and use the arrow keys to move around, use the letter Z to strike, and the hands of X. With Yumi and Ami you will visit space, ride a snowmobile, one day you will be carried to the Atlantic Ocean and to a real island of treasures.

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