Super Wings games

Super Wings games

The youngest gamers will be pleased to open for free online Super Wings Jett and his friends games to play while controlling the hero. Help him fulfill the main mission of delivering correspondence to people around the world. They are waiting for their packages and letters with impatience, but because a small red airplane is trying to arrive on time. On his way, all sorts of obstacles and obstacles, but he fearlessly overcomes difficulties with your help. He has friends on the wing - other aircraft, each of which performs its tasks. With them, you too will get to know closer, having spent time playing games.
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Super Wings Jett and his friends games are waiting for you

Super Wings games online The aircraft are also called steel birds. They come in different models and serve different purposes. Large and paunchy are called passenger, and carry hundreds of travelers. These are powerful and fast machines, carrying people far more quickly than any land transport.

There are even combat aircraft that drop bombs on enemy territory, helping ground troops clear the occupied lands. Aircraft are also sporty or perform the function of postmen. About these characters and tell the Super Wings Jett and his friends games.

Free Air Adventures

The main character of the presented fun airplane Jett. He is cheerful, fast, inquisitive. His main mission is to deliver parcels or letters on time to the guys who are eagerly awaiting news. Do not think that the postman's work is boring and simple. Being in the air, the hero is exposed to a number of dangers:

  • Heill
  • Wind
  • Thuman
  • Unfriendly objects

Super Wings games online Each obstacle Jettu must be overcome in order to arrive at the destination according to the schedule. And it also happens that you have to make an emergency landing because of too bad weather or unexpected breakdown. Having opened the Super Wings Jett and his friends games, it is necessary to repeatedly face the need for repairs or refueling to get the opportunity to follow the intended course.

If there was a thunderstorm or the wind was so sharp that it interfered with the flight, it would be a disaster. Risking is dangerous, so it's better to land at the airport, and wait for more favorable conditions. When making a forced landing, it is necessary to hold the steering wheel firmly, so as not to fall, but to sit smoothly on a free lane. Super Wings games online

Continuing to play Super Wings Jett and his friends games, with the hero you will make an exciting journey through the countries. Each is distinguished by its grace, color, has its own traditions. Mail delivery occurs around the globe, and Jett is very happy about this. This allows him to get acquainted with different cultures, to hear a lot of fascinating stories. He does not just give up the parcel and flies away. The hero adores listening to what people from different countries tell about. Together with him you will learn a lot of interesting things before you continue your journey.

U red airplane has friends who also perform certain functions. If you open the rubric where we offer Super Wings Jett and his friends, you will certainly see the rest of the steel birds. They are engaged in rescue work, helping other cars to be in shape.

In the road, something can always happen, and they like real super heroes rush to the rescue. Without them, the sky would become much more dangerous, so they are dedicated to their cause.

Among the abilities of the Super Wings Jett and his friends games have a very useful feature of the ability to transform. This allows you to perform many different tasks and land in conditions that are not too suitable for this. Approaching the ground, they can release strong legs for stability or land on water.

Znakomstvo with the characters will give gamers a lot of fun and positive. These are beautiful and kind stories with an instructive story. During the passage it is necessary to use such qualities as dexterity, ingenuity, ingenuity, reaction. Even if not everything is obtained from the first time, after training, everything will work out as it should. It remains only to wish a pleasant pastime, and in a good way. Enjoy adventure and flying in company with best friends that never fail.

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