Lego Nexo Knights games

Lego Nexo Knights games

King Helbert announced the charges for the brave knights: Clay, Lance, Aaron, Axel, Macy, and the magician Merlock should sharpen the blades and arrive at the castle. Jester Jestero turned out to be a traitor, stole the Monsters album and, with the help of spells, summoned an army of terrible creatures from the underworld. The children of the night threaten the kingdom with doom. You have to play free online games Lego Nexo Knights to prevent trouble. Knights use not only steel swords, but also laser ones, and also they wear armor-transformers and drive perfect machines. There will be a glorious battle, and the victory will get strong.
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Games Lego Nekso Knights for the brave knights

Lego Nexo Knights games online In the world of Lego important events are constantly happening, and now you have Lego Nexo Knights games in which a new story unfolds. It all began in the beautiful kingdom of Nyton, which is ruled by strict but worthy King Helbert.

Lego Nexo Knights games online This country is absolutely amazing and everyone who opens Lego Nexo Knights games for free will be convinced. On these lands, magic and advanced technologies are ideally combined, and the knights living in the fortresses equally skillfully use steel and laser swords, wearing armor that can transform.

Everything was fine, until court clerk Jestero became a traitor, turning over to the side of the enemy. All his life he dreamed of the power and strength that she gives, and therefore, having stolen a magic book, he created his own army with its help, invoking dark, otherworldly forces from darkness and cold.

Over Knight clouds thickened, the kingdom is in danger. Only true brave men are able to accept the challenge of a ruthless villain, and defeat him with a blade, magic and powerful machines.

Recently graduates came out of the knightly academy of Nexo, who are eager to show courage and demonstrate their knowledge in practice. Only five brave knights against a whole dark army, but this is enough to win, if you act decisively and skillfully.

Your small but brave squad

It's time to play Lego Nekso Knights games online, as well as meet the leading characters.

  • Clay Morington
  • Lance Richmond
  • Aaron Forks
  • Akssel
  • Macy Helbart is the only girl in the male group of knights
  • Merlock Wizard and Ally of the Knights

Lego Nexo Knights games online They have to confront Jestero, who took possession of the book of Monsters, and now uses her spells to create his own warriors of darkness. But these are not the only enemies to face. On the way of the brave warriors will Sprutoholov and Lava monsters, in the ranks of which are terrible red demons.

When playing Lego Nexo Knights games online, you had the good fortune to become one of Knights Knighton, to visit epic battles, heavily flavored with dangerous and heroic events.

Your main tasks:

  • Participation in battles
  • Combining Nexo Sil
  • Receiving the title of knight
  • Vehicle Improvement
  • Victory in the battles

Although the soldiers prefer ringing metal and the moans of enemies, not all time to swing a sword. Even the most enduring warrior will soon dry out and will not be able to destroy a single enemy anymore. To recuperate after a hike, go to the castle, where you have to patch up armor, eat, heal wounds and enjoy the peace. In order not to lose precious time, in the moments of rest, engage in an equally useful business, start playing Lego Nexo Knights games for free in other areas:

  • Pazzy
  • Search
  • Puzzles
  • Adventure

How nice it is to relax for a quiet pastime, collecting pictures from the elements. Puzzles appease, at the same time helping to develop observation. Without this, the quality of the knights can not survive, because the enemy is hiding in secluded places.

Memory cards also help to train attentiveness, and therefore try to find the same pair of knights shown in the pictures. When you gain strength for a new attack, go to the battlefield, where the demons without your belt have grounded. Renew your hunt by selecting precious crystals. To quickly reach the enemy, resort to magic spells. But do not forget about caution, because the enemy is just waiting. Uncover the sword, and may good fortune be followed by the brave!

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