Skylanders games

Skylanders games

We offer to evaluate the potential of the online game Skylanders, which has become a continuation of the original platformers. You can play them free of charge, and in each you will discover the potential of characters in the world of Skylands. When Caos attacked him, brave heroes had to gather all the forces to restore the disordered order. You will meet the dragons Spiro and Drobot, the giant Barkley, the Elf Stealth, the Eraptor - a resident of volcanoes, and other characters. All of them have unique abilities, and if skillfully to direct them, the battle against the villain will be won, and the lands will be returned to the lawful inhabitants.
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Skylanders games from another world

Skylanders games Skylanders, presented in the heading, are a kind of descendants of the video games of 2011 and 2012 "Spyro Adventures" and "Giants", which were released for PC and consoles.
Heroes of history live in a completely different world, unlike our earthly one. The country called Skylands looks like a few scattered islands floating in space. Its creatures that resemble our little animals are inhabited by raccoons, moles, and lynx, and they are called “mabu”. They all lived in peace, and used their unusual abilities only for the good.

Similar communities have always been a tasty morsel for enemies, and once the villain Kaos decided to capture Skylands and destroy its inhabitants. The demons surrounding him caused terrible natural disasters, and volcanoes suddenly began to erupt, the seas flooded, the winds turned into hurricanes.
To save the mabu, they had to be evacuated, and Hugo, a disciple of the master Jonah, decided to ask Skylanders for help. For this, Kaos destroys the house of Jonah, but the master himself managed to disappear, after arranging the escape of Skylanders themselves. Hugo also escaped, and now he has to revive his own world, but he cannot do without the help of certain objects and heroes.

Gameplay Skylanders games

Skylanders games In the first part of the game, Skylenders only 30 active characters, in the second number increased by another ten. True, at first only Grant, Spyro and Heppi are available, and the rest will have to be mined during the passage.
Players waiting for an exciting adventure while traveling on Skylands, and it includes many puzzles and puzzles. In order to cope with dangerous situations, it is necessary to use the forces available to each character.
They grow when you participate in another mission, so do not miss the chance to complete the proposed task. Also in such campaigns you can always get a useful artifact, which will probably come in handy in the future.
During the game, the Skylanders will:

  • Fight monsters
  • Remove items
  • Passing through the mazes
  • Participate in global battles
  • Collect puzzles

Our online versions are perfect for a quick pass. Before you get involved in a serious brawl of the original game, try your hand at fleeting events.

Adventure characters

Skylanders games Together with Master Jonah, you will go surfing on huge ships, and even be able to choose the one that you think is more suitable for the upcoming cause.
Choose among heroes:

  • Frino
  • Roller
  • Spiro
  • Steals
  • Barkly
  • Brokerage
  • Grants
  • Nex

On them, explore the nooks of the mysterious world, disperse the thickened darkness, smash obstacles and collect gold, crystals and food to keep your energy level high enough. It is useful in order to save friends from trouble, attack the enemy and destroy his evil plans.
During the game, Skylenders can also choose the side for which you want to fight light or dark. But in any case, it is necessary to collect as many luminous spheres as possible, and then the advantage will be on your side.

You can also create characters yourself, endowing them with additional forces. If you combine the two parts from different creatures together, the new hero will have the abilities of those from whom it consists. Total for this provided 18 heroes of the game Skylanders.
When you decide to take a break from the unabating fights, add up the puzzle with an image of Eraptora. It lives in active volcanoes, and therefore a small flame is always visible around it. Once he gets angry, and it inflames, and to calm down, he goes to swim in the pool of lava.

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