My Knight and Me games

My Knight and Me games

Do you know why today you do not meet sorcerers, witches and dragons? Because all of them were exterminated by knights in the Middle Ages. If you play for free in online games My Knight and Me, you will meet just the trio of such brave warriors. The truth is the oldest - Henry, he is the father of the brave Jimmy, he is still inept. Everything is falling from his hands, and he only makes things worse by helping someone. It's quite another matter for his son and their girlfriend Catherine. A young couple will give odds to any knight, because they train a lot. If you want to find out how they manage to cope so cleverly with missions, join them right now.
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Classic games My Knight and Me

My Knight and Me games The Middle Ages seem to people something very romantic. In those days, knights lived, tournaments, balls, military campaigns for high goals were organized. At least so it seems to us today, and all thanks to the cinema. Here and now we have the game My Knight and Me, created based on the animated series of the same name.

It tells about the knight Henry, his son Jimmy and their young girlfriend Catherine. Henry himself was brave and determined, ready for any feats and accomplishments. But only he lacked the dexterity, skill and talent, and therefore everything, for which he undertook, turned into a total trouble. And since this turned into a rule, people nicknamed him a knight-unskillful. It's quite another thing his son Jimmy is short, gifted, smart. Any chivalry was given to him without problems, and so he easily battled dragons, destroyed witches and sorcerers, scared the other enemies of the kingdom. Of course, like any knight, even a beginner, he had a friend, Catherine, who was also his assistant.

Thanks to the inherent courage and curiosity, she repeatedly rescued Jimmy from difficult situations. And not only him. After all, the team of young talents joined Henry, who in part all spoil the real genius. But, thanks to him, the spectators of the animated series are waiting for a lot of fun minutes of viewing, and the games My Knight and Me prepared their own adventures for gamers.

Funny adventures of Henry and his young friends

My Knight and Me games It's time to put on chain mail, arm with swords and bows, after all the best adventures that can be imagined. Not without enemies (and which knight without them?):

  • Koldunya Jules de Jong
  • The Bewitched Wilfred
  • Solar Lance White

Everyone tries to put an obstacle in the way of friends, and it's important to have time to react in time to avoid crashing, and when meeting with the enemy, immediately attack them. As you can see, the task is simple and understandable, it remains only to fulfill.

To work with similar tasks was easier to manage, it is necessary to train a lot. One such exercise will be climbing up the ledges, jumping on them, as in degrees. At any time you can break, so move fast, but with care. As a reward for the successfully passed stage on the way, chests filled with gold will be found.

My Knight and Me games More Games My Knight and Me will teach young knights to gallop on a horse. However, for the beginning guys will go in the cart, while Henry jumps next, watching the situation around. In this race, we must cleverly leave the barriers of witches, dragons and other troubles, but do not miss the chance to collect coins. They determine the number of points you scored, and so you can set a personal record. Just remember that you have only three lives, and try not to crash into anything, otherwise you will perish.

Tell me what you are capable of, fighting with the enemies of the knights, and accumulate enough gold to move to a new level, to perform even more feats.
Run more games My Knight and Me, and enjoy communication with new friends. They are glad to every new member of the team, because they have a better chance of winning. Ahead of the players there are many exciting adventures, and if you regularly come into this rubric, you will be pleasantly surprised by the appearing updates.

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