Games Medieval Escape

Games Medieval Escape

Go to the gameplay Medieval Escape online game where you will meet the Middle Ages in all its glory. Try to be free, showing the wonders of logic, passing levels. Explore the castle in all its angles, in order to get beyond the fortified walls. Under some series you executed, if not have time to leave the prison, until the morning. But we believe that the intelligence and powers of observation you will not fail, and you will be able to use found objects correctly. If you can pick up a thing, she is sure to come in handy, we just have to wait for the right moment and take advantage of it.
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Games Medieval Escape: the secrets of the ancient castle

Games Medieval Escape Online Starting a series of adventure quest, launching the game Medieval escape alternately. Adventures that are waiting for you, happened to one of our contemporaries. The hero was at home, rested, pondered and planned the next day, without even knowing about the formation of a temporary funnel just in his room.

Suddenly he felt unwell, and the next minute he lost consciousness. It is impossible to say how long his condition lasted, but when he opened his eyes, he almost fainted again. Instead of the usual interior of his apartment, he saw oak tables, benches, chests, swords, spears and a mace on the walls, and instead of windows there were loopholes.

The hero of the game Medieval escape hardly realized that he had become an unwitting time traveler, and that brought him to the most romantic, and at the same time severe medieval era. Of course, it would be very interesting to personally see the life of the people of that time, but realizing that the danger of being thrown into prison is too great.

At the time of the Templars, it would not have cost anything to be accused of witchcraft only for hair color or a boldly expressed idea, and therefore you had better not leave the walls of the castle, but try to find a way back home. You need to search for it in the nearest rooms, because it was here that the portal of time, when you were at home, brought you.

Turn on logic

Games Medieval Escape Online What is the first thing a person does when he enters an unknown area? Correctly examined. Therefore, let's explore the castle, and at the same time we will begin to take the first steps towards liberation.

  • Explore territory
  • Collect available active items
  • Study the schemes found
  • Get codes
  • Place your items correctly
  • Open the time portal home

All manipulations are performed with a computer mouse, and you have to move by moving the cursor to the right or left. Seeing the band that has emerged, click on it and you will find yourself in the next room. Consider the new interior, and try to collect items available. Also study the scrolls on the walls, which will help you understand how to arrange shields or levers on the walls. With the right order will open a secret niche where you will find another artifact. Some items are hidden behind stones laying in the floor, fireplace or walls, and you can get them, if armed with scrap.

New tests

Games Medieval Escape Online Games Medieval escape is a rather long series. Apparently, the time portal has not gone away, and the hero gets into it only at the moments when he sleeps, since the next appearance in the castle is always a surprise for him. But what is surprising is that every time a new part of the building. It is impossible to explain what this is connected with, but by guessing, this is probably due to the ancient curse.

The castle was enchanted by a strong sorcerer, and in order to remove the spell, a certain knight from ancient times needed to solve all the riddles and riddles placed in different rooms. Well, you have to follow the lead participant in the events, helping to complete the missions. Only in this way will the hero get out of the vicious circle of movements, and will return to his former quiet life.

Grafika game Medieval escape for all parts of the remains drawn objects and no animation. But music is very much in the spirit of the Middle Ages, bringing the appropriate atmosphere.

Continuing to open the following game parts, you seem to not leave the plot, so much like the games of Medieval Escape. Only the interior is changing, new objects, cells, weapons, scrolls with riddles appear. And sometimes, in order to leave the measurement, it is necessary to enter your answers in the scroll with questions. Explore, search and find solutions using your logic.

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