Peter Rabbit Games

Peter Rabbit Games

Lovely and fluffy characters frolic in the forest and on the farm. What they like to do, it's easy to find out by opening an online game of Peter Rabbit to play them for free. Meet the protagonist, his girlfriend Lily and even the farmer McGregor, whose orchards are constantly suffering because of the raids of gluttonous rodents. Who will be more cunning and dexterous? Will Peter escape and not fall into the trap? It all depends on you, because you need to help the hero, harvesting, hiding from the sharp eyes of the farmer, and even having fun while catching snowflakes. Also help Lily make out her collection of pictures, finding all the pairs.
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Fun Games Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit Games Peter Rabbit Games As you know, there are many little animals living in the forest. But if you suddenly find yourself in the wizard more often, you will surely meet its unusual inhabitants. But it is not necessary to go far, because the games of Rabbit Peter called them to visit, and now everyone can communicate with them. There is nothing easier than to become a friend of the main character and his friends. It’s enough to take part in mischievous entertainment.

What is a busy rabbit Peter?

As it has already been said, it is necessary to go to the fairy-tale forest, where the characters of Peter Rabbit Games live.

  • Piter is the main character of the story.
  • Lili girlfriend Peter.
  • Mr. McGregor is the owner of the farm, where rabbits like to go and see for juicy vegetables and fruits.

If you go deep into the grove in winter, you will see a large Christmas tree. This magic tree spins around a snowflake. It is necessary to touch him, and coniferous beauty comes to life. She loves Peter, and often comes here with his girlfriend to catch openwork snowflakes. Take part in their entertainment, and in the allotted time, catch so many crystals to set a new record.
It's not all that the big-eared hero usually does, and we have Peter Rabbit games on:

  • Logic
  • Memory
  • Dexterity
  • Speed
  • Attentiveness

Once, Peter decided to try nuts to understand why squirrels love them so much. But the rabbit cannot get them on the tree, because they grow high. Squirrels decided to help a friend, and dumped down a ripe delicacy, and Peter downstairs must catch him with a basket.

I still prefer the vegetables, and therefore he is a frequent visitor at the MacGregor farm. One day, he and his friends scored a whole bag of delicacy, but could not bring it home by scattering everything along the way. Those rolled down the mountain, and now have to go down to pick up the harvest. Here are just a cunning fox interferes with the movement, and we should avoid his attempts to put a stick in the wheel. When playing Peter Rabbit games, one has to face the farmer himself. He was tired of the rabbit antics, and he set up an ambush for him. Knowing that during the next flight from his land, Peter would seek shelter, he set up many empty pots. And indeed, our boy hid under one of them, and you need to be the first to find him before MacGregor did.

Peter Rabbit Games Peter Rabbit Games A similar plot of the game Rabbit Peter, when our hero decided to play thimbles, and instead of the ball he hides under one of them, suggesting players to guess under which one. Play and see how exciting it is.

After rest, it's time to think about blanks for the winter. If in summer vegetables are always in abundance, in winter they do not grow. And if so, join Peter to help him reap a crop, running along forest paths. They are littered with various obstacles stones, logs, pits, so carefully look under the paws. If you come across them, the level will end with your defeat. Another Rabbit Peter game prepared the opportunity to practice memory. Lily, Peter's girlfriend, has a hobby. She collects pictures of berries, buds, fruits and other vegetation. Once Peter gave her an album where she could put up her collection. And when she did it, it turned out that half didn't fit into the album. But there is a solution you need to remove those that repeat. This is what you have to do and find a pair for each card. As soon as there is one, she leaves the rest of the game, and you continue further until you sort the whole meeting.

Here such cool games we have collected for you in the category. Come back often and bring friends to set records in collecting points for completing tasks together. Together to play more fun, try and see.

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