The Adventures of Napkin Man Games

The Adventures of Napkin Man Games

Human Adventure Games Napkins have become an interesting continuation of the Canadian TV show, where the host Anthony helps kids understand their emotions with the help of pictures on a napkin. So he creates a superhero paper world, which solves many difficult situations. Show, as well as computer fun, designed for preschoolers, because the tasks are simple and do not take much time. The kids are offered to paint pictures, jump on platforms, catch balls, find objects, recognize notes. It is easy and fun to play these games, but the main thing is useful, because they are aimed at the development of the child.
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Games Human Adventures Napkin where it all began

The basis of computer toys often go to movies, cartoons, and often shows. In this case, the Adventures of the Man Napkin game also has a grandparent in the form of the Canadian entertainment television series of the same name. Its premiere took place in 2013, and since then there have been 3 seasons of 60 episodes of 12 minutes each.

Designed a series of young children, who also face difficulties. Although it is generally accepted that kids have no problems, this is not so, they simply have their own reasons for experiences. To help them cope with the situation and emotions, a television product was invented, where each series is devoted to a separate children's issue. In order for the young viewers to be interesting to watch, the presenter named Anthony draws on a napkin a superhero who acts depending on the prevailing circumstances.

By identifying with the bold hero of the stories, the children quickly understand the essence and see that you can find a way out of any situation, and some moments cease to seem serious. Adventures of the Man Napkins of the game became an effective continuation of the educational show, and thanks to clear icons even without translation it is easy to guess what is required of the player.

In the wake of the paper man

Plots and control method is designed for the smallest gamers, as well as the television original. The protagonist of the game, The Adventures of the Napkin Man, always smiles, and in return he also wants to smile, and a positive attitude at the very beginning of his acquaintance helps to get closer. During the adventures of the paper world, you will:

  • Repain pictures
  • Music
  • Search for items
  • Create identikit
  • Catching items
  • Jump on the platforms
  • Demonstrate the reaction speed

All Man's Adventures Napkin games are aimed at the development of the child, and therefore useful. Each new task is understandable, although it is accompanied by an English explanation.

Practically in each toy several tasks are presented, and among them there are necessarily coloring. This is natural, because drawing is useful and interesting. Filling pictures with color is very easy to dip the brush into the paint and click it on the selected area. For example, paint the grass and trees green, the sky blue, let the flowers be colorful, and the earth brown.

S music is also no problem, and most often offer to repeat the notes in a certain sequence. Sometimes it is interesting to simply click on the musical signs, trying to create a musical composition by yourself. Of course, nothing difficult to play will not work, but then no one wants to do this, the main thing is to have fun.

The game Adventures of the Man Napkin game offers very interesting tasks, for example, to properly assemble portraits. You see the original, and near two moving halves that can be changed by arrows. Each one shows a part of the face of one of the characters, and you need to choose the right ones. When you fold the face of each character, it will stand in an empty cell, and you will have to pick up the rest.

No less exciting during the Adventures of Man Napkin game to look for objects, seeing only their shadows. Caps, balls and other toys are scattered around the room, and their outlines are visible on the bottom line of the screen. It is necessary to collect them in the same order as the placed shadows. Another time to find the missing points in the circus.

Space adventure lovers are waiting for an amazing flight in the dark sky, and as an assignment you need to collect stars, trying to avoid a collision with asteroids.

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