Winx and Bratz games

Winx and Bratz games

Games Winx and Bratz online, it's a great game where fairies and dolls teamed together and coexist together. They invite the girls free to play, picking them odezhku and cosmetics, teaching the lessons of fashion and beauty. Now you can communicate with them in the same category, simply choosing where to send one of the girls: a disco, a date, a walk in the gym or travel. For each case there is a dress, and fitting of the next pleasure. Most open and makeup cases, to enjoy a moment of transformation.

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Winx and Bratz games online is interesting and great to be a girl! It is possible and with the boys on the streets to drive, exercise and sports, and dolls to play with her friends, trying on their clothes and brushing. Last activity is considered to be girlish fun because the doll for girls – is best friends with whom you can play for hours. At an early age girls are showing interest and love of clothes, make-up, cosmetics, and all that they splash out primarily in games with dolls, because since the introduction of the Barbie doll, the girl mean by games with dolls is fitting clothes and preening. Mothers and Daughters – it is a separate line of games with great bobblehead, but the chiseled and refined shapes of dolls called Bratz and Winx – Barbie followers, just made for it to be ornate and beautiful. Girls can endlessly smarten up their favorite, exchanging experiences and ways to make your doll very smart with my friends.

Most parents have to spend large sums of money to their child might enjoy another innovation from the world's favorite doll. And there is also a method that allows you to enjoy all the benefits available to the puppet world, absolutely not investing in a penny of money. And the girls are happy, and the family budget without loss. These are games Winx and Bratz online mode, on the Internet and in particular on our website. Winx and Bratz Dress – it is incredibly beautiful and rich world in which a lady and ladies will feel at ease. Here, everything is possible, because the front of the girl offers unlimited access to all the Winx and Bratz dolls, a huge amount of clothes and accessories, also offered different versions of make-up and hairstyles, and all this exciting online game. With such entertainment girl certainly open the talents of designers and stylists, and splash all their imagination and creative ideas. There is also a little different direction games with famous dolls – this Action. In these games, you can become a member of the incredible events and adventures and side by side with their idols – girls Winx and Bratz, overcome obstacles and fight enemies, earning bonuses and winning battles. There are puzzles and coloring books, which are hidden in the category of games Winx and Bratz, so it is fun to find on your taste is quite real. All the games are very interesting, exciting, colorful, bright and quality. So welcome to the virtual world of Winx and Bratz! Your entertainment waiting for your participation and your wins!

Dolls Bratz Winx fairies against

Winx and Bratz games online Bratz dolls and Winx fairies – very beautiful girl who became the heroines of many computer games. Bloom, Flora, Musa, Stella, Tecna and Layla from the animated series « Winx Club » it is able to compete on the clothes of style, brightness and splendor makeup hairstyle with beauties Chloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin – major figures in the series Bratz doll. Devotees can now not limited to admiration of these celebrities, but also they are able to become their designers and stylists. This will help many games, dress up games, where the Bratz and Winx - the main character. In computer Dress Up you will meet the famous girls in different roles and situations. For example, Flora is going to play tennis – help her decide which skirt and T-shirt would be the most appropriate? And Sasha goes sunbathing on the beach – will choose for her the most stylish bathing suit? Winx fairies or participate in a beauty contest, and you need to pick up clothes for Bloom and Flora, then the program to determine which of them will look nicer. Bratz dolls or want to be the most fashionable girl in the disco, and you wear them in a suitable trousers and blouses – beauty in such suits will be free to shake a leg on the dance floor.

The plot of the game Winx and Bratz

Winx and Bratz games online In his cartoon Winx fairies are often involved in the confrontation with evil, protecting the magical dimension of evil sorcerers, preserving the magic power of the mighty crafty witches. Those tasks they perform and in computer games of the genre brodilok. Together with them, you have visited the school of magic Alpheus, issleduesh Magix, swim in the ocean depths. On the way heroine Winx collect valuable artifacts, use their magical powers to neutralize opponents. There Action and with the participation of Bratz, but these ladies apparently shunned the dangerous battles. But they appreciate the friendship, when the baby-Bratz lose each other in a huge shopping center, they do not go out until you again come together. You help one of the dolls look for girlfriends in each level and avoid collision with dangerous uncle, who again and again wants to separate girlfriends.  

Puzzle games Winx and Bratz are also very fond of – because you need to develop not only external beauty, but intelligence. These girls are shown on separate cards, is towards the back of your party. Turning any two from the crowd, you have to find pairs of pictures – here it is useful to you not so much luck as possible memory. There is also a series of puzzles « three in a row », where fairies Winx collect a chain of one-color balls. Or fun with colored squares, which are removed from the game Bratz group of figures, trying to clear it completely. On our gaming website, we have collected for you a variety of games with Winx and Bratz!

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