Roulette games

Roulette games

To play roulette games, you do not need a Las Vegas casino or the underground, because on our site you can play completely free, legally and with all age groups. Bet online and wait for the drive to stop, marking the position of the ball in the cell. As in the present roulette, you can bet on a specific number or to protect themselves, fixing betting on black or red.

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The excitement and danger of – Game Roulette criteria

Roulette games online Who can boast that he had never experienced the excitement and anticipation of a thrilling win? Even the most calm and reasonable people can lose your head when gambling, and because in some countries the casino officially permitted. But ingrained players do not need someone's permission to get the thrill of trying to break the bank. At the safe house in illegal clubs players make their bets, playing cards and roulette. And those who are not afraid to walk on the edge, looking for versions of the game c risk to life, such as Russian roulette.

Russian Roulette Games – Life on the tip of the bullet

Russian Roulette became, almost a national fun and became popular among reckless drivers in different countries. The drum is placed one bullet revolver and spun. Then puts the barrel to his temple and pressed the trigger. Players do not know which cell cartridge and flirting with fate – be unmarried or a bullet shot detonate his head. If the shooter was still alive, the gun moves to the next daredevil.

One bullet in the drum – Roulette is not the only option. Sometimes there is even more acute placed two, three, or even five bullets, leaving only one slot free. In this case, you have to be damn lucky to escape death.

This theme was used in the film to create a tense atmosphere, and the creators of computer game products have come up to make the game Russian roulette. Reputable company "Buka", which is famous for its original creative ideas, in 1996 released the first part of the action-quest, and in 1999, the continuation of "Russian roulette". But there are also a series of flash toys, where the characters are shot at a time, trying to keep a straight face.

spinning the reels and bet

Roulette games online For those who have even a virtual life does not want to leave, we offer the classic version of roulette games online. Sit at the table with marking, tender and with bated breath until the croupier spins the drum, and the ball looking for his cell, jumping from number to number.

The two most common variants of roulette:

  • US
  • Europe, which is sometimes referred to as the French

Even the roulette game can be the following species:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Hock
  • Buhl
  • Petit shvo

Roulette games online In contrast to the European roulette wheel where only one "0" & ​​ndash; zero in the US are two of them – zero, a double-zero. The 90s were Russian roulette with three mechanical zero.

There is a significant difference in the chips. If the American version provides their coloring in different colors depending on the value and belonging to a particular table, the European version of the raznotsvetya not. Another difference lies in the size of the table – European substantially more American. And if in the European roulette dealer for the distribution and collection of the winning chips uses a special tool, the American version of the collection takes place by hand.

Online version of roulette kept the spirit of a real game – in the halls nice dim lights, tables covered with green cloth. Bids made in accordance with the rules, and similarly distributed win. You can take a risk and put a large sum on a specific number, or one of the sectors – black, red, even and odd.

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