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O Lucky games

Want to test your knowledge? The best way to do this, play free games online About a lucky man. Choose thematic category and get ready for a tricky question. But if you can find for each correct answer, you earn points and a bit of virtual bucks. We hope a million you want? This toy is taken as a basis for the famous TV show, where people in the audience showed knowledge. But if the audience is easy to get lost, in these games you do not hurt anybody. Choose from the options of answers that your reasoning is correct.

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Do you want to become a millionaire?

O Lucky games O Lucky games « Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? » – This question is one of the most widespread in the world, because the popularity of the game has a transnational body of such a name. « Oh, Lucky » – is the name of the Russian version of the show, which is known for our open spaces. Both represent the same game with the same rules, capabilities and environment, simply adapted for the spectator by means of language. From the first appearance on the screens of this intellectual game once all your interesting questions and the opportunity to win a lot of money for their expertise. Everyone has a desire to test your IQ level and erudition, and at the same time earn extra money. But not everyone can get to a TV program – Many are simply afraid that will not cope. And in order to get a good workout and learn the whole process of the game, there is a great opportunity – About a lucky man to play online.

Such games allow you to check wit, intelligence, ingenuity and knowledge in many fields of science, art and life. So you can not only define the boundaries of your mind, but also to understand, what do you need to know that brush up on what to ask and all – which direction to go in self-development, to be the smartest.

How to play the game O Lucky?

O Lucky games In fact, a man in his quest for knowledge has no barriers, and intellectual games like « Oh, Lucky », – it is a great help in this difficult matter. That is why, perhaps, a game of this plan will be in demand and are always popular, regardless of what is fashion and what will be popular in a certain period of time. Money is, of course, virtual, but the increase in profits and a fueling excitement to the game. In about a lucky online play no less exciting than watching the show, and even more interesting, because in the middle of it are you and not someone else. This all happens in your home, and you're sitting in your favorite chair, you will enjoy the world-famous and very interesting game. Interface and music online games « Oh, Lucky » It coincides with the television version, so you can easily imagine yourself visiting TV stars from the famous master. Rules of the game are known to all – Fifteen is a wide variety of   issues that need only give the right answers. At the same time a choice of four possible answers – This facilitates the search for clues. There are three well-known tips that will help to overcome the difficult moments. The final prize is a million, but you can win and lesser amount if to stop in time, going to a dead end. Play and enjoy!

The game is about a lucky play online allows an unlimited amount of time without requiring payment. Of course, if you make a mistake, you have to start over again. Naturally, losing all earned balls. Of course, if you activate the option help the hall, call a friend or 50 to 50, which leaves a choice of only two options. There is also the option to take the money, which will allow you to score points. But to continue the game you can not. Just like in the TV show - Oh lucky online play allows the most realistic. There are studio and applause, and the flashing lights, and familiar to viewers music. And, of course, nervous tension and a huge adrenaline rush, when you hesitate between two possible answers. In addition, you will be able to learn a lot. Questions you will be asking very complicated. In addition, their complexity grows with the amount of your winnings. Test yourself – Can you answer a question worth a million dollars?

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