Fruit games

Fruit games

is tasty and juicy look free online game Fruits. These virtual vitamins are created so that you can cut them in a fruit salad, but make it artistic, masterly. Large knife is useful to you, who will be waving in the air like a real chef to crumble falling pineapples, apples, pears, strawberries and bananas. You can still play, catching them in order to make a basket in fresh juice. It manages to be fairies, insects, animals. Also, the fruit can be grown in the garden or use them to balance the scales.

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Fruit games Fruit games A delicious, nutritious and healthy fruit – the best food for humans. It is well aware of the heroes of many computer toys are in his adventures chasing artifacts made in the form of delicious fruit. Many offer free games fruit as an excellent alternative to harmful products that lead to obesity and disease. For example, a fat man decided to lose weight and went to jump on the platforms. Along the way he learns to eat right. If he eats some fresh fruit, then it increases the supply of energy, and its weight is reduced. A hamburger, fries, pizza, soda and other sweet shit is not added, but rather take a human energy, and the mass of his body will be increased – almost all the energy of these products turns fat.

Fruits are involved in many culinary simulations. For example, one game to cut the fruit offers the speed – they fly across the screen, and you should have time to cut them with a sharp knife. But here periodically flying bombs – it is better not to touch because of the penalties it is removed. From fruits are often composed puzzle. In particular, it is necessary on the board to collect a chain of identical images of fruits by swapping adjacent. When it turns a row of three or more identical cherries, watermelons, melons, plums, apricots, they disappear from the screen.

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Fruit games Playing online can offer the fruit to grow – with trees on a virtual farm, harvested, it is sold on the market and profit from processed new land and planted more trees. Sometimes in such amusements fruits are processed in some expensive product that allows you to make a farm more prosperous. For example, they are mixed with milk and sugar, and the yogurt is obtained.

Some fruits in the gaming world created by living – they can become heroes brodilok to participate in the arcades. For example, there is a game that shows that the fruit is better not to eat in the form of juices, purees, yogurt or salads with harmful sugar, as well as nature intended – using only his teeth. So when we cut fruit game shows their perturbed – juicy fruits begin to attack the mixer, in which they have to grind into a puree, and you have to spend your energy, catching them and placing in a container with rotating blades.

It so happens that the fruits are the main enemies of the heroes of vegetables. Tomatoes, cabbage and onions are outraged that apples and oranges are squeezed them with beds and ready to fight for the right to participate in the human diet. You have to guide the flight of vegetables that they got exactly fruits and crushed them. Some games offer free fruit as projectiles – they can be run at the enemies to defend their territory.

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