Need for speed games

Need for speed games

Gather your own group of riders, choose a car and discover the games Need for speed online for free. Who are the young men do not dream about speed, drive and adrenaline sensations? Not to say the other, and when you feel the air resistance, the striker face a powerful wave, the feeling of freedom! But until you have reached the age when you can get behind the wheel of this car, we suggest you to play games on the subject and enjoy a safe speed. Even if the rotation fails, and you get off the highway, just start over.

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If you have not tried Need for speed play online, so you have no idea what speed.

Games need for speed for real daredevils

Need for speed games online for free It is not just a race, and the race without rules, where the only goal – reach the finish line in the shortest amount of time. Just think, a traffic light! What daredevil will pay attention to these conventions? If the machines and pedestrians do not have time to give up your way – it's their problem, because your plans are not part of the ceremony. And whether or not limited to the roadway when it is possible to disrupt the rest of the traffic rules, riding on the sidewalk, thus scaring civilians and sluggish dogs with cats. So let's make a row and release the brakes to test the car and your nerves to the test.

Where lies the source of adrenaline

In order not to drive aimlessly around the city, you can make a small skirmish with the gang wars. Two bands are not shared something, and now their disassembly gained mass slaughter, which inadvertently became involved civilians.

By controlling the vehicle, famously quit the chase or pursue the enemy themselves, and in the movement try to hit it out of the machine. Shootout in a way to turn the game into a real crime thriller, which survives the one with a wheelbarrow and bullets faster.

What is the siren behind? Police stuck right way? Apparently, she also wants to participate in public festivals, and she will join you. Now you have three problems – to deal with competition and not fall into the hands of the law enforcement agency and, of course, did not die in the crossfire.

Select the machine itself

Need for speed games online for free If you feel the spirit of an adventurer, Need for speed to play online you will definitely enjoy. Here at least the rules, but as an expression! At the same time, you can choose absolutely any kind of movement, since passenger cars to fantastic. At your disposal tractors and trucks, boats, planes and motorcycles, in short, everything that can reach speeds. And wanting to move away from the usual machines, Get on the magic carpet, food, fabulous animals, cannon balls and so on.

Machines on air cushions from the future sneaking up on us in the form of computer games and offer to arrange a check in the rate, hovering above the road. Train in the process of managing this unearthly transport, to be ready for its appearance in real life. And wanting to finally get off the ground, transplanted to the spaceships and light between the stars and asteroids, deftly maneuvering in space, trying to avoid a collision with other ships and celestial bodies.

Need for speed games online for free Wherever develop more speed? Maybe in a supermarket? Grocery carts knowingly equipped with wheels and a still begs to be traveled in the corridors between the shelves with goods. Of course, the protection of consumers are not enthusiastic about your violent behavior, but you do something fun, and most importantly!

You can also test himself on the courage and Need for speed play online, directing cars into each other's forehead, and who will roll first, he is a coward. Challenge yourself and make the first turn of the enemy. Well, kids can drive cars on the kitchen table, dramatically turning the car at full speed before the breadcrumbs and cutlery. At other times during the movement assemble parts to immediately repair the wheelbarrow. Driving at this speed causes a fault in the design and found items will help keep it in the proper form. If you want to feel the effect of Dry and adrenaline, run our game and fun you provided!


  • Altogether four generations of the game need for speed, and each used achievements of previous versions with the addition of more advanced developments;
  • , DreamWorks bought the film rights of the toys and start shooting in April 2013, held in Mendocino County Kaltfornii. On adaptation it was potrachno fourteen weeks and the finished film did in theaters in 2014.
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