Four elements games

Four elements games

Free online games 4 elements provide proactive player to return the balance of nature. You have to find and return to the altar of the four symbols of the elements of nature. Without them, the balance of light and dark disturbed, which will lead to disaster. Only the brave heroes to perform a task and learn to manage the ancient magic. A variety of locations and additional jobs will entice you in an entertaining gameplay in which you have to show the logic, intelligence, talent, and sometimes the speed and endurance.

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Four elements games burning fire gives warmth, water – the source of life, air – necessary for all to breathe, land – feeding us. These are the four elements that have contributed to the emergence of the existence of harmony on earth living and nonliving matter and which has not yet been revealed to man all his secrets, despite his attempts to subjugate them to his will, to make manageable. On the basis of this idea, it does not cease to create fantastic scenarios in film, comics and video games. The authors of the works put forward new versions of bold decisions and assumptions, where scientists and magicians are struggling with issues of creating a new life by using natural elements. Recall, Dr. Frankenstein, who collected his monster piece by piece and breathed life into it by means of a powerful electric discharge. This can hardly be called a successful experiment, because there was aggressive and unattractive appearance. Modern scientists do not fall behind and play with the cloning of living organisms, imagines himself to the gods. We have for you too have a proposal to study the elements of nature – Online games 4 elements.

The Magic background of online games 4 elements

You find yourself in a magical land, where there is magic, and the good wizards, fairies and other small inhabitants of the wondrous paradise did not know sorrow, enjoying the warmth of the sun, the sweet nectar and floral harmony of being. But once I bumped the power of darkness and destroy this idyll, plunging all the chaos and destruction. Only one castle, located on a high mountain, was able to survive. In it lives the last magician and he is ready to help restore order.

giving you as an assistant to the charming fairy, it will point the way in which you have to pass in order to find the fragments of destruction, collect all the keys that open the book of ancient spells and gain access to the next level.

What is to be done

Four elements games To begin with, you have to show a real ranger and collect pieces of artifacts that are scattered throughout the meadow. Find them not so easy, because small details are masked in the foliage, ornament arches hide in dark corners. Only when all is done correctly, you can proceed to the main reference – restoration of each of the elements of the altar. For this to be allocated identical tiles to make them disappear, and opened a new path to the sacred place. In the window you'll see how to open the way of grace poured glow and approach the altar. Sometimes, to achieve this, it is necessary to move from one field to another, until all the work is carried out on the liberation from the dark spells.

Each level – this is your test, in which you earn player points. To the mission was a success, choose the elements that lined up in large groups and state mouse italics way for their destruction.

Features 4 elements

Four elements games In general, the game takes place in the style of 3 in a row and just sometimes players are invited to seek items. Such a variety of useful and beneficial effect on perception, making it possible to periodically change the thinking and manipulation.  
Pictures look smart, bright and attract attention. If deadlocked during the search, you can always seek help from assistant – fairy, and it will show where the next piece of the desired hiding.

The process of online games 4 elements reminiscent of a magical journey into the fantasy land where everyone would like to visit, but there can only be a fantasy, dreams and dreams. But plunging into the story, the players themselves become mages, rangers, fairies and show care for their fairy-tale world back from chaos and desolation that everything fell into place and the joy and carefree spell again in the air.

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