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Simpsons Games

There is always noise and din in the Simpson family. What is worth only Bart alone always needed to keep an eye on. Just a little gape and the neighbors start to fire at him from a rifle, the police chase with a siren, and when he runs away, he always leaves chaos in his wake: broken shop windows, uprooted trees, benches, and fire poles. You will help him get away from the chase by starting to play free online Simpsons games. You will also meet Homer, this eternal parasite and drunkard, as well as know-it-all Lisa and the smart little Maggie, who seems to be the only bright and reasonable creature in this crazy family.

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The cheerful family!

Simpsons Games The Simpson family and other equally extravagant inhabitants live in Springfield's small town. We all know the animated series about these characters and are already accustomed to their sharp humor and morality, which is undoubtedly present in every series. Even though the cartoon was repeatedly banned from being shown, people's love never betrayed the inhabitants of a fictional city. And to make the pleasure of communicating with them even more complete, we offer Simpsons games, where the characters sometimes behave even more wildly than their prototypes.

Having decided to arm you with a sniper rifle, it was decided to offer Marge and the rest of the townspeople as targets. As soon as they are shown in the field of view, shoot the target with an accurate shot and replenish the game account by fifty points. But by eliminating Lisa and Bart, you will not get anything since they are not blacklisted. When Homer gets hit by a bullet, you will lose one point. As you can see, the game resembles a training ground for soldiers and policemen, where you need to hit targets quickly and selectively. Ready to start hunting for the Simpsons arcade game? Then arm yourself and take a comfortable position. Simpsons Games

Bart stands out from the whole family with a special charisma. It is he who is the source of all troubles and troubles, but at key moments he still shows ingenuity, resourcefulness, and the right words to correct what happened. True, his patience is not enough to maintain neutrality for a long time, and he again takes up his own. Even the neighbors often suffer from Bart's antics, not to mention the relatives themselves. If you like him, you can play The Simpsons arcade by controlling him on a skateboard and helping him avoid collisions with obstacles. And when bonuses come across on the way, it’s better not to ignore them, because they help to set personal records.

Bart is a master to ride a bike and will famously demonstrate his skills, especially when there is a roller coaster nearby. He easily accepts the challenge and winds through the intricate loops and zigzags of the structure, at the risk of breaking loose and breaking his neck. Not surprisingly, after such events, he has a split personality, and he challenges himself with a boxing glove. You can also witness such an incident if you open the Simpsons games online. Two Barts are dancing in the ring, ready to smash each other's noses (or themselves). The fight promises to be exciting, and it doesn’t even matter who wins, because it’s the same person, which means that victory and defeat will go to the main character of the game.

Simpsons free games will not leave you indifferent!

Simpsons GamesSimpsons hit-and-run games have prepared a surprise for fans of quest stories. One day, Homer returned from a business trip and found that his entire family was gone. As it turned out from the words of eyewitnesses, aliens are guilty of this. It was they who kidnapped all the inhabitants of the house and dragged them to their ship. Despite the lazy nature of the head of the family, he still loves his wife and kids, which means that there is nothing left to do but go to save the household. There are many rooms in the house, and everything needs to be explored. To advance in your research, you need to do the following:

  • pick up and move items;
  • look into all corners;
  • use the levers.

You look, and Homer will become a hero when he rescues his relatives from the cosmic sticky paws.

When the mission is completed, you can remember your favorite activities. As you know, Homer is a big connoisseur of beer and will not miss the opportunity to drink a couple of cans, especially if it is free. Beer is just lying on the street, but you have to jump to get it. Help your character get his drink while playing Simpsons online games. And, the more you manage to get it, the happier he will be.

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