Drums games

Drums games

What can offer the game Drums? Of course, an interesting fun. Do not forget that he first appeared in humans as a musical instrument is not going to disappear. Without it does not do any team on the scene and lovers find in it its charm. We invite you to play online, giving free lessons to help you learn a few songs to perform on stage, and even record your performance, then to put it on the blog.

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As used drums before

Drums games online Here is a series of games on the drums – percussion instruments, known since prehistoric times. They were the first of our ancestors learned to make sounds with the help of a stick hitting a hollow items.

One day to discover the sound, the first people interested in him, and began to experiment, banging batons on different surfaces. And when the blow fell on stretched over the rim of the dried skin of an animal, he especially liked the Aborigines.

The sound came out so loud and deafening that he began to think the application. It turned out that the enemy is experiencing the thrill when belligerent, loud bang and throws reverse order. Herded into a trap game during the hunt, too, it turned out to be convenient, and shamans began to beat the drum during their dances, calling the spirits and demons.

The unexpected discovery has become very popular and multi-functional, but if you look into history, for a long time during the offensive troops beat drums, rapping out the rhythm of a military hymn, catching up on the enemy and fear of raising the morale of the army.

Each drum orchestra!

This drum set is an integral part of the ensemble performs on stage and one of the main components. Equipped with dishes, drumming and even bewitches the listener responds within a given rhythm. Sensing these vibrations inside, you know what the soldiers felt elation, despite the fact that going to die.

The drum home to be or not to be?

Unfortunately, the drums set in the apartment can not be, because they did not come to play quietly. The neighbors are unlikely to survive for a long time to the music, no matter how correct your performance, it was not. But in the game Drums online play is quite accessible and logical, especially since you can always tie the sound on your computer or wear headphones if you want to enjoy fully a loud bang.

The possibilities of virtual simulator games drums

Drums games online Computer drum sets often look and sound so realistic that they are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Alternately, hitting in big and small drums and cymbals, you can play the composition envisaged for this instrument. It is worth a little practice and follow the lessons offered as soon become a real drummer.

to teach you the tricks of the performance, the game will show in what order to use all the tools. Watch carefully and remember to yourself then repeat the lesson. Do not go right the first time? Do not worry, because nobody has been able to become a master at the first attempt. But when you feel ready for publicity, record the results of their creativity and show it to your friends.

Other features of online games drums

In addition to the simulation, you can just have fun in the flash games that are available to act as the drummer of the musical group performing on the big stage. Everyone plays his part and you have to come at a certain time, so that the music became harmonious.

Creative looks game, where the role of the drummer for the installation of a skeleton sitting. It illuminates the spotlight, surrounded by darkness reigns. This sight is truly disturbing and fascinating at the same time. And if you remember the Scarecrow from The Muppets you like to manage one of them in the game about drums. All the characters of the show are eccentric and dynamic, and our character is no exception. He excitedly and enthusiastically working with chopsticks, but because they control you follow the tips where the next time you have to beat.

If you are not indifferent to the music and want to be a part in the game Drums online play you'll love.

Type Drum

  • Drums games online also called the Big bass drum. It's a two-way tool, which is extracted from the powerful and muffled sound with wooden batons wrapped at the end of a soft cloth. It is designed for single strokes and used soldiers and orchestras from the VIII century – in the opera.
  • The bass drum is inferior in size large, and it is played using a special key for the feet. By clicking on it, the musician uses shock beater.
  • The snare drum is characterized by a string near the bottom of the membrane. They create a rattling, rumbling, rumbling sound dry, but the string can be turned off, to get rid of such a key.
  • Tom-tom, it besstrunny cylindrical drum having Asian and Native American roots. It applied it in their religious and military purposes natives.
  • Timpani – Design connected by a membrane copper boilers. Previously they were used to control the system, and later they joined the orchestra.
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