Pirates of the Caribbean Games

Pirates of the Caribbean Games

The film of the Pirates of the Caribbean opened a new page of the pirates. Once raged around them passion died down a bit, but in a new way filed history revived popular theme, and now you are doubly lucky, because you can play free online games Pirates of the Caribbean. Each boy is now feel Jack Sparrow and the ship will head the team « Black Pearl ». Do not avoid the clash with other ships and the pursuit of gold. And the girls will dress up in cute Jack, recreating his memorable image.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Games The series of films « Pirates of the Caribbean » He revived to life pirate theme, which once was one of the most popular in literature and cinema of Soviet times. Each boy was reading a book about these sea rogues, overtaking fear into sailors and travelers. Meeting with them always ended in failure, because the escape from the pirates failed to almost anyone. And, yet, they are much rarer depicted:

  • bloody murderers;
  • unscrupulous robbers;
  • rude, they in fact were.  

Most of their romanticized, surrounded by an aura of adventure, bravery, and even nobility, attributing particular gang honor when robbed only the rich and punish the bad. They fell in love with a cute girl and went with them on long voyages or remain faithful to her friends on the beach, waiting patiently for minutes of a secret meeting of the night, the risk of being caught unawares.

Playing the game Pirates of the Caribbean, we will plunge into the world of exciting adventures!

Pirates of the Caribbean Games

Games Pirates of the Caribbean became a natural continuation of the saga and have attracted special attention. In fact, this column includes not only the toys based on the popular film, and those that somehow relate to the pirate theme. It is well remembered Jack Sparrow – the main character acting, which so successfully played Johnny Depp. Shocking image has become so recognizable that at the mere mention of pirates in memory pops up it was he, because while collecting puzzles, find items, similarities and differences, you will often meet him in the picture.

But what is most true fans expected the pirates? Of course, battles! Taking under its management control of the ship, ready to take on all boarded the ship that float by. Your task is – profit robbery, and the pirates are not just a goal but a way to survive. All you grab will go to the content of your schooner and unrestrained celebration of the victory of the team for several days. Pirates live from robbery to robbery – drink rum, uchinyat showdown, fight and run away from the guards.

Pirates of the Caribbean Games you will shoot out of a cannon, trying to line trading vessel, and when a series of accurate hits immobilize them swim up closer and landed on the side to finish off the team and grab the goods. The main thing that interests Pirates – gold, but the rations and other supplies never superfluous. Also, you will attack monsters that are found at depth. They guard the way to the islands treasure and do not want you to hit them. Apart from them at sea are frequent storms, and deal with them – dangerous and difficult occupation. High waves are ready to send you to the bottom or break the rocks and giant craters – Tighten in the crevices. Only good governance and the maneuvering in dangerous situations will keep you alive and the ship intact, though battered. Do not forget about the reefs, which killed a lot of ships. Even in good weather, they represent a serious danger, and only deftly maneuvering between them, you will be saved from imminent death.

Pirates of the Caribbean Games have prepared for you a lot of adventures with the passage of mazes, shooting, fights and a treasure hunt. Girls also can play dress up, picking an outfit for pirates and piratok or colorize black and white images. Puzzle admirers like fun logic, and gamblers will be able to fight with the « one-armed bandit » - Slot machines. Shoot, look, think – for every apprentice pirate, we have an exciting activity

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