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Batman Games

Imagine that you suddenly became a real superhero and now control the weather, climb steep walls, fly, have a super kick, and do many more useful actions. You can sew a special suit with a cape and an emblem, climb a high-rise building, spread your arms and jump with the confidence that you will be picked up by the wind, allowing you to soar next to the birds. But we strongly do not recommend doing this since only free online Batman games can give you the ability to soar and play for the main character, saving the people of the city from the villains.

When the comic book era was in full swing, Batman was one of the most popular heroes. Now computer online Batman games have taken the leading place and offer to play games with many stories for free that were not available before. New issues are coming out all the time, and fresh adventures of the hero are always available to you. He drives cars, flies in the sky on the wings of a cloak, single-handedly cleans the city from bandit groups, finds a way out of labyrinths, and competes with other superheroes in fair competitions.

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Games involving Batman

Batman Games Online Batman is one of the most popular superheroes. According to the plot of the comics, behind his mask is the billionaire Bruce Wayne, who vowed to eradicate crime. Unlike many other heroes, he does not have special superpowers, but he perfectly controls the power of his intellect and keeps his body strong and healthy, which allows him to give a worthy rebuff to any villain. Games involving Batman put important challenges for the player. For example, you must stop the insidious Penguin, who decided to enslave the entire city. The hero rushes after him on his motorcycle, and the gamer helps him avoid traps, dodge shooting helicopters, fight enemies along the way, and, finally, with the Penguin himself. Batman games online for free allow you to fight with the typical enemies of this hero:

  • Joker
  • Catwoman
  • Two-Face
  • and also offer many new opponents

Batman Games Online For example, Gotham, the hero's hometown, became the target of an attack by an army of aliens. They roam the streets and terrorize civilians. But they made a mistake by becoming Batman's enemies. He comes out against them with powerful pistols and rapid-fire machine guns, systematically destroying all the invaders. He does the same with zombies and pirates. Online Batman games require skillfully using a variety of weapons of the player. And quite often you need not only to pull the trigger in time but also not forget about buying useful upgrades. At high levels, enemies become much more dangerous, and there will be no chance of winning if you do not buy more powerful equipment in advance. To do this, bonuses are earned during the game and spent in a specialized store between rounds.

Other Batman game characters

Batman games online offer to become a participant in one-on-one battles in which the hero must show the wonders of martial arts and defeat formidable enemies. Sometimes in these games, he fights ... with other superheroes. Even among these nice guys, there is vile envy. They want to prove their superiority to each other, and therefore Batman opposes:

  • Superman
  • Iron man
  • Hulk

Batman Games Online

Although most often the characters act together, and in some games, they even act against crime as one team. The gamer can control several superheroes simultaneously, choosing the most suitable for a specific mission. Also, you can play Batman games online for free without elements of violence at all. For example, Batman is very fond of speed and often rides in sports cars on virtual tracks. You help him avoid potholes, jump over chasms, and pick up artifacts. The most interesting Batman games online are available in this section of our portal.

The superhero theme is always quite popular among teenagers. Moreover, it has such a level of excitement that many fans of these comics, films, and TV shows never grow out of a state of love for their characters. Batman is among these heroes. He has been popular for many years. New films are being made about the adventures of a mysterious fighter against evil, new scripts are being written, and games are being created. In the 90s, children often played console games involving Batman. Those games were much more strict than their counterparts. The spirit of the hero dictated the gameplay. An experienced player will say with confidence that Batman games are heavy.

It is not clear how it was possible, but the jumping ability of the hero was close to real. But obstacles remained familiar to all adventure games and shooters! As a result, players had to pay attention to jumps, as the probability of falling into the abyss increased several times here. The Dark Knight movie revived interest in Batman. However, the filmmakers did not take into account the modern specifics of the audience, and the hero got lost against the background of the bright and expressive Joker as a result. Modern mini-games retain the same features of Batman as on consoles. He is large, takes up a third of the screen at least, a strong and skilled fighter, equipped with various military weapons. We have collected almost all series of Batman games online on this page, so you have plenty to choose from. Feel free to open any game and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a superhero life for an hour or two.

Best Superhero

Batman Games Online Batman is one of the most popular superheroes. He fights crime, protecting civilians from insidious villains. In games with his participation, you find yourself in the fictional city of Gotham. Here as always, dark deeds are going on, but Batman, no doubt, will cope with all the villains. Although for this, he will need to run a lot on roofs, cornices, and roads. Sometimes he fights his opponents hand-to-hand, using the strength of his muscles to deal devastating blows. Sometimes he has a powerful weapon with which he shoots back at enemies.

Along the way, he encounters many obstacles:

  • wide chasms to be dexterously crossed
  • inconspicuous mines, ready to explode under his feet
  • cunning traps capable of capturing Batman and stopping his mission

The hero can use not only his dexterity to cope with these dangers but also additional artifacts. For example, if he picks up the item with the image of wings, he will gain the temporary ability to fly - so he can quickly and safely cover a long distance, approaching the finish line. Very often, at the end of a round, Batman must fight a vile boss. He may be waiting for:

  • Joker
  • Penguin
  • Catwoman or other mega-criminals

Knowing about the noble heart of the hero, enemies often kidnap his friends to lure him into a trap. Then the passage of game missions becomes even more important because this way, he can save Robin or the mysterious woman Batwoman. Batman also would probably not mind playing such online games for training - this would allow him to master new combat techniques, master modern weapons, and learn how to control all kinds of equipment.

Batman games are for those who are not afraid of difficulties

Batman Games Online Batman Games Online Quite often, Batman does not need to fight with opponents in the game, but only enough to get to the villainous lair. He goes there on his legendary Batmobile, motorcycle, or jeep. Many obstacles are waiting for him on the road: dangerous climbs, where the car runs the risk of tipping back, as well as abysses that you need to jump over, and bumps that can cause an accident. In most Batman games, you are asked to collect various power-ups. These can be branded superhero badges or gold stars.

Sometimes the exit to a new level opens only after collecting all such items, and you have to thoroughly explore the virtual location to find them. Batman games are created in many popular genres. Pictures with his image are used in jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, and searching for hidden objects. Various scenes from the movie are drawn on paired cards in memory games. There are even dress-up games where you can fantasize about the hero's outfit.

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