Diego and Dasha games

Diego and Dasha games

Who are your favorite games and Dasha Diego are always available online for free and we are pleased that you like to play it with us. For you cooked a couple of bold new adventure naturalists who enthusiastically explore the flora and fauna. If the front they have a barrier, they will find a way to overcome it, because they are so smart! They know a lot and are willing to teach you how to count, write, solve intricate puzzles. And after a few practical lessons, it's time to relax. Take up a virtual brush and paint some razrisovok or collect puzzle.

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Education – it's just a

Diego and Dasha games Computer games for the youngest gamers have become natural in the space of the Internet. Modern parents could not rejoice in this wonderful accomplice to train their children, which will greatly facilitate educational and learning process. In fact, the children, even though staying in the inquisitive age, but to learn to read and count them never liked. Parents have always had to resort to various tricks to get the child to remember:

  • the letter,
  • then syllables,  
  • words,
  • combine them into sentences.  

Read very difficult, and therefore uninteresting. It is better to ask mom or dad that they read the next story. And no amount of persuasion, do not know how to read and write – it is ugly and embarrassing, do not act on a child. Naturally, none of the adults remained Neuquen, all illiterate, but the effort was worth their parents to teach it!

The era of computers has brought new knowledge. Suppose that there are still those who treat them warily, but since it is mostly pensioners, it is easy to forgive such a delusion. The rest can no longer imagine life without the new technology especially when they offer really useful things.

Knowing how the interests of the child the adult world, they have come up with toys that allow you to get in touch with something new and for them to feel equal to their parents. Games Diego and Dasha – It is not just a likeness of the cartoon, and handbook on education. Now the kids she does not see how learning grammar and mathematics, just doing the job with enthusiasm, along with the heroes of fairy tales. In simple tasks players are invited to a series of logic exercises, substitute the letter in the word, read the name of the object and specify it on the playing field, to solve the example, sort out the situation and much more.

A good mood – the key to success

Diego and Dasha games Toys about Dasha, filled with fun, positive, humor. Her unfailing friend Slipper – cute monkey, girl certainly helps to solve tasks and that, as a measure of friendship and that together you can overcome any difficulties.

The girls will be interesting to cook, mimicking her mother. Together with Dasha, they will go on a virtual kitchen and will search for the specified ingredients, and then connect them in stages. To do this, they help tips and you just have to follow the instructions.

Search for items developing observation and it is an important element for adulthood. Topics selected are always exciting and awaken the imagination. For example, once on a pirate ship, Dasha and Slipper must find all gold coins. Some are in a prominent place, but there are those that rolled into a crevice in the floor.

Another example of observation – Search differences on almost identical graphics. The two images differ in minor details that need to find and click on the discrepancy. And when the image will be the same again, you can proceed to the next task.

Children love to draw and can spend doing this for hours. But if it is not always appropriate in reality, the game Diego and Dasha coloring does not turn your home into a disaster. Coloring will help the child to remember the name of the colors and develop fine motor skills of hands, but also a creative activity instills artistic taste.

These different games Diego and Dasha

Puzzles great help to distinguish fine detail and see them as a continuation of the main line, and this is a spatial vision and logic thinking. There are dress up the race and taking care of animals that you can find in our category.

Diego and Dasha games It is difficult to overestimate the role of educational games in the lives of today's children. Finally, even in our country, parents listened to the advice of psychologists and began to teach children not using Soviet directive « you have to learn, because I have a », using the natural ability children easily assimilate any material in an entertaining game. Therefore, if you want your child to learn to count, and began to study English and get some idea of ​​the rules of conduct, use a series of educational games about Diego and Dasha. They are made on the basis of the popular children's cartoon, which has already managed to win the love of children and parents. One – for what it is fun and draws from the first frame. And others – for the phenomenal success, thanks to him, which can boast of their child.

Thousands of children around the world fell in love with the two characters – girl Dasha (original Dora) and her older brother, Diego (for unknown reasons in the Russian version of both games and cartoon's name did not translate). Each of them has its own task. Dasha travels, taking his faithful companions – speaking Map and Backpack. And Diego with his backpack Rescue worked to save endangered species of animals. During his travels, Dasha together with English-speaking cartoon characters gives children lessons in English. And Diego talks about exotic animals, their appearance, characteristics, habits and habitat.

Actually, the two cross-cutting theme and copy games. Children will travel together with Dasha, or to search for animals in need of help for the company with Diego. And can it be done without your participation. After the game, even more than the cartoon implies the active participation of the child. The fact that it is necessary to perform a new job, he learns not from the letters at the bottom of the screen, and directly from the words of the hero, which appeals to the player when they need help. Games Diego and Dasha make truly interactive. And the vivid imagination of the child will help him to imagine that he really helps his cartoon friends. Rhythm games just such so as not to give the child get bored, but do not overwork his brain rapid assimilation of new information. His job characters repeat several times. And they must also perform many times the word or action is deposited in the memory.

So you should definitely familiarize your baby from 3 years with games about Dasha and Diego on our site. Most of them – in Russian. And all of them – light, healthy and, most importantly, free.

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