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Diego games

My brother Diego and his sister Dora love animals and always there when they need help. Open free online game Diego and go on a journey. You are waiting for the tropics and deserts, the ocean floor and flying on a rocket. You will also play puzzles and seek answers to the puzzles. The correct answer will pave the way further, and you will continue the story of young naturalists. The hero deftly jumping on platforms, skillfully drives a car, catches debris in the water to the inhabitants of the sea can enjoy the cleanliness of their environment. We have prepared puzzles and coloring pages, and many other entertaining toys.

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The history of Diego

Diego games While Diego game you will accompany the main character in all the adventures associated with rescue animals. He is always where you want his help and conducts rescue operations in different parts of the world. Computer products continue the theme of the animated series, where there is a Hispanic boy's two older sisters: Alicia thirteen and fifteen Daisy. However, the latter only occasionally appears in some episodes, when he comes home from college. But all the main events fall on Diego and Alice – girl takes alarms and wrote to his brother about the new job.

Their parents are also specialists in the study of the natural world, and therefore it is not surprising that love for animals given to children. Missions Diego participate and other characters, helping him cope with the task. For example,

  • Click the live camera that picks up a distress signal and tells the protagonist, where at the moment he has to be sent.  
  • The other thing, without which it can not do Diego – its universal backpack Rescue-Pak, the ability to transform into anything.  
  • Two monkeys Bobo brothers also accompanied by a boy and so zealously rush forward to rescue the victims, that they sometimes have to stop, that they should not have done more harm. But they did not take offense and even apologize if they feel they were wrong.  

There are other animals that accompany Diego Lama Linda appears in several cartoon series starring and several episodes devoted to her passing, and with a small jaguar Alice and Dasha sent to rescue the dinosaurs had undergone. Dasha – This cousin Diego, and their dad – siblings. Because of this kinship, this girl too often appears next to Diego and participates in all his campaigns, and in this category you will find games and Dasha Diego.

Exciting game Diego

Diego games Diego games In all respects, the animated series and computer games – this is probably the kindest, instructive and educational products for kids. They are laid out in detail every moment not to accidentally touch up the child to gloomy thoughts or regrets. Even when episodes occur carnivores, their gastronomic cravings fall in while herbivorous diet leaves no secret. Even if sometimes the authors show and as food jellyfish, crabs and grasshoppers make their images so impersonal that they are not perceived as living beings.

For example, in one of the fun, Diego should help turtle eat jellyfish, but the sea is so clogged with garbage that it hard to catch his treat. To feed the turtle, help her to avoid a collision with packets, bottles, boxes and other debris, directing her computer mouse. Please send it directly to the jellyfish, but try not to run into stuff around. Together with her sister Dasha, who loves travel and therefore rarely stays at home for a long time, Diego decided to go to the carnival in South America. But it turned out that they do not have appropriate costumes. They invented a special machine that creates the most vivid and beautiful outfits. Now we have to figure out how it works, and along with the heroes pick up cute little things for the upcoming holiday. But once there, Diego again got a new story, and now he has to solve the mystery of the ancient castle. Press the same blocks that they broke and try to get on the field, not a single cube. What else have prepared free games Diego, you learn by studying this section.

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