Jewel of Atlantis games

Jewel of Atlantis games

As we know, Atlantis, is a mysterious island, which once sank, taking with them a huge treasure. Many of them tried to find, but the mystery is still not solved, but the game online for free Diamond Atlantis opens the possibility to play and to make their own discoveries. Before you open the way to the secrets and precious, but to pick them up yourself, you have to pass the test. In most cases you will have to build a chain of identical artefacts to recharge the game account. Its value depends on your ability to build gems link in a long chain.

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Jewel of Atlantis games Treasures, treasures, gold and diamonds – it's all so attracts and excites inveterate hunters and adventurers! Once they barely hint that found the card with the designation of the next lost treasures as they rush headlong to check it. They do not confuse past failures, not afraid of hardships and privations that always in bulk in the way. If even a tiny hope is that this time will be the real treasure, nothing will keep the house desperate goals.

What is the country of Atlantis?

The game diamond Atlantis playing online, it's a journey into another riddle, a legend, a myth. Everyone knows the legend of the mysterious Atlantis, which supposedly sank, taking with them valuable knowledge under the water and multiple wealth.

Once there lived an advanced civilization, but died and turned into a legend. Scientists have not been able to calculate its exact whereabouts and to find even the slightest hint that Atlantis really existed, and therefore declared that it was an invention of the Romantics, which is driven by a thirst for adventure and profit. But there are also those safely say if were confirmed realism island.

Our task is not to argue with one or the other, but to go a completely different way – Atlantis diamond play and find the stone, allowing his dreams come true and become the owner of unprecedented mystical abilities. And while the world of science is fighting disputing remarks in the walls of rooms, we will go to the mysterious and romantic odyssey, full of mystery and splendor gems.

The style of gameplay the game diamond Atlantis

Jewel of Atlantis games This refers to the idea of ​​a toy « three in a row ». You have to move the pieces on the board, building identical elements in a row of three or more. The longer the chain will be released, the more points you earn and get closer to getting bonuses. These bonuses are very useful in our case, because since then, as the legendary island sank, centuries have passed, and many artifacts are thoroughly rooted in the ground and coral. If those that are on the surface can be moved without problems, literally with their bare hands, in the deeper layers can not do without crowbar and even explosives.

At some point in the game you have a need for an auxiliary tool, particularly when valuable specimens of gems will be closed chains, bricks and stones. But recourse to bonuses too often is not worth it, because they are spent quickly, but not quickly restored.

Open closed areas can be if done several times with their manipulation, connecting a number of the same colored stones. Only if you see that the time for passing the round ends and you do not have enough air to get all the jewels you can use to earn bonus items.

The adventure never ends

Jewel of Atlantis games Over a hundred levels enchant every gambler who dared to threaten in search of ancient treasures, and a diamond Atlantis playing online. The surrounding beauty of the underwater world, the ruins of the ancient city and brilliance of diamonds promise to open its secrets, to share knowledge, to enrich the treasure. Each stage of the game – This is another dive into the water, hoping to find a legend and become a hero, get the magic stone and attain fame, luxury, power. Even a temporary setback does not unsettling, and just reinforces elect a new path leading to his goal.

And when the wish was fulfilled, and the luck, your journey is complete triumph. But somehow there is some bitterness that everything is over. Well, then we should start all over again and relive the adventure again, the more that has already trodden trail and pitfalls explored. Now you succeed much faster!

Features Diamond Atlantis

  • More than a hundred colorful levels;
  • A choice of three difficulty levels;
  • Each stage of the game gradually becomes more complicated;
  • The purpose – build single-color crystals in the chain;
  • Earn bonus items and use them to their destination (a bomb, dynamite, gun, etc.).
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