Cactus McCoy games

Cactus McCoy games

Mystery, magic, mysteries and intrigues prepared for the real adventurers free game Cactus named McCoy. Suppose you are going to play online, but the feeling of belonging to the great mysteries of the ancient inspires and calls in a new way and to discoveries. This brave cowboy risked his own appearance, becoming a desert plant – cactus. Although he did not know what occasion will happen to him when he took over the execution of the dangerous assignment of a businessman who wanted to get a magical artifact. How is going to get out McCoy will tell you our game.

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The amazing story

Cactus McCoy games Cactus McCoy games Brave guy McCoy hunted treasure hunt. One day he approached a mysterious kind and offered a large sum of money for what he will produce for him a special jewel. The guy agreed and found that it was necessary to the customer – large round emerald with white spikes, which lies on one of the branches of stone cactus. But that same night there was a guy strange transformation: from a man he has turned into a walking and talking cactus. He had a vision in which the ghost of the same cactus, like himself, said that at one time also stole this emerald and also turned into a cactus, and then all became stone. McCoy is necessary to return the jewel present owner, otherwise it is waiting for the same fate.

The hero has a map, and from level to level it ever closer approaching its salvation. The villain who ordered McCoy emerald, learned everything. He hung everywhere announcement of the reward for his capture and put on the heels of the Cactus his thugs. In the first game Cactus McCoy runs away from them, jumping on platforms, climbing ladders, crawling on the stretched ropes. Along the way he finds jewels – they are stored in boxes, which are hidden in the recesses of the game world. Apart from these, Cactus tears posters with ads for his capture. If you collect all the posters and jewelry, you can get a prize asterisk after passing a level. At the end of each round, McCoy is a special artifact, and can then begin the adventure in a new location. Free game Cactus McCoy pass with regular fights. On the hero attacks a variety of villains. Some attacked him with their fists, others will be in the hands of a metal pipe or stick.

The further, the more interesting the games Cactus

The further you prodvineshsya in the game, the more dangerous it will meet the enemy. But Cactus can stand up for themselves. He was found in the way a weapon that he can pick up:

  • Darts
  • a gun

Cactus McCoy games With such weapons must not forget to follow the completeness of ammunition. From defeated enemies coins poured – if cactus will raise them, then save up enough money for upgrades to improve their performance. Game Cactus McCoy liked gamers and developers have released a sequel. Here the hero in the shape of a cactus met a girl who has wings growing out of the hands, allowing it to fly. She talked about the treasure of the ancient city of Calavera and offered to find him together. But angry mob attacked a partner and kidnapped the girl.
Now McCoy should independently search for the treasure and, in addition, to save his partner. In the second part of the toy, new location, although the principle of the game remains the same – McCoy:

  • jumps  
  • , climbs
  • run
  • fights  
  • collects jewels

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