Fire engine games

Fire engine games

The fire is always a terrible tragedy, because the flame destroys everything around him, sparing not regret his actions. It is difficult to cope with even with our modern technology, but some of the principles you learn, starting to play free online games fire. If the source of fire impressive, you can not do without the help of a helicopter, which resets extinguishing compounds from the air. On the ground, the fire engines work, and you need to quickly arrive at the scene of the tragedy to prevent the flames grow and break out over a larger area. Aim the hose on the flames and water it water jet.

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Relentless fire

Fire engine games Fire engine games Fire can bring a lot of destruction and grief, and so as soon as it starts in any building, and firefighters to rush to extinguish the fire. Such a situation is shown in computer games, where you can become a fireman, saving the building from destruction, and people – from death. Such games offer extinguish fire extinguisher special or via the water flow from the hose. For example, in the game there is only one fire, which must cope with multiple foci of fire in the building. Setting the need to fulfill before they are depleted of water, which for this purpose it is given in limited quantities. At first, his work is very simple – put out, for example, one-story building. But then start to burn large warehouses, factories, high-rise buildings. It may be necessary to support additional devices - such as installing a spray of water. Along with the increasing complexity of the job offers access to improved characteristics of the hero, updating its equipment, the purchase of new equipment. On this money is spent, earned after successfully fighting a fire.

Some games allow you to put out fires, and even the whole team of several machines. You're getting on duty at the fire station, and when a call comes in there, decide which technique to send on a mission. Each machine is performing a specific function, so for a variety of missions is to select the most suitable composition rescue team. In the story, the game machine puts out the fire for quite some time. If there is over supply of water, it can be replenished from other cars with higher capacity tank – so the struggle will be more effective with the flame.

Fight the raging elements, playing fire engine games

In some games, the machine does not fall to the fire automatically, and you need it to deliver the spending through the city streets. You watched the scene from above, and to know exactly the direction of movement in the urban maze, you can use the mini map that pointed and your position and location of the fire. In the course of the game put out the fire, reaching first place filling up with water, and then to the burning object and – all Fire engine games the rest is virtual firefighters perform themselves.

Firefighters participate in many games based on Lego – here recreated the whole city from Lego blocks. And when there is a fire brigade arrived and the place of tragedy, you give the command to raise the ladder to fill out a small fire extinguisher, pour a powerful stream of water on the burning building. In such toys can simultaneously held many events, and you control several services:

  • Police  
  • ambulance
  • repairers  
  • fire

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