Woobies games

Woobies games

Free online games Woobies, a kind of toy marbles. At the top of the field huddle Fluffy different colors and you have to release them, throwing up like. It pleases the eye chart – clear, bright, with smooth movements. In such fun really nice to play, even if you are out of childhood. All pussies have fun facial expressions and some specific properties. But the past will come later, when you walk a few steps. Explosive elements capable of destroying the group in any color, which greatly helps in desperate combinations.

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Fluffy Fun  

Woobies games No matter how interesting the game, sooner or later want to try something new, but not radical – the process remained the same, but the main characters and locations have acquired a distinctive turn. Everyone knows the logic games collection of chains of identical elements and game Zuma. We can not say that there is a drawback in such toys. These directions are made in different variations and you only find your very own, from time to time to contact him. Note the free games Woobies, who talk about space furry koloboks who arrived from a distant galaxy. They are harmless and quite dangerous for us. On the contrary, their unfailing smile inspires and makes you want to get acquainted with them more closely. Well, there's no reason not to do it, the more that they are happy to deal with their new life form, that is with us.

Online Games Woobies Zuma used the popular version of the game, when the snake is moving into your home, and you have to shoot it, in order to prevent its penetration into the shelter. Snake consists of separate elements, in this case from Woobies. Each of them is colored in its own individual color. Some are grouped by two, three or even more Woobies, but others are alone. In the center is the one who shoots the clusters of the same color and decreases in the size of the snake. She moves pretty fast and you have to react too quickly. If the snake reaches its goal, the game will be lost. In the course of the process will begin to fall useful bonuses that slow the movement of the chain, stop it completely, allow to destroy the group of Woobies any color and many others.

Interesting jobs games Woobies

Woobies games Woobies games Another game Woobies operates on the principle of the destruction of the same groups. This process is also well known to you, but the communication with cute aliens makes it extra charm. When will be able to remove one color Woobies lumps, they are released, disappearing from sight. From time to time will be black Woobies -bomby. They divide within a radius of its action of three koloboks, which will touch. Shooting groups Aim carefully to get it in the interest of your company. After earning a hundred thousand points, you will be rewarded with an extra life, and to get the bomb, it is necessary to dial fifteen thousand points or make five consecutive successful combinations.

Also, there is an entertaining walker – Woobies game for free. When their home planet began to suffer decline, they set off in search of new habitats. Flying above the Earth, their ship crashed and fell. Poor peals of balls in hand, details of the ship is also lost. Now, to return and recover a rocket friends, one of them set out on a difficult journey. He meets many strange and dangerous monsters for himself, falls into the unfamiliar environment and runs into the trap:

  • carnivorous flowers  
  • spikes
  • deep lakes teeming with them piranhas  
  • rocks and precipices lurk at every step

To go with dignity all the tests, Woobies counting on your help. Help him to collect details of the ship, to get all the keys on the level, look for crew members to escape death and return to the further search. The problem is not their light, because from the first steps have to survive. But there will be good moments that help to cope with the difficulties, such as jumping on the birds, you'll be able to jump long distances and the deep abyss. Woobies life in your hands, so be as good earthling, and help them.

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