Lego Legends of Chima games

Lego Legends of Chima games

In the camp, where events unfold online game Lego Legends of Chima, all tied to the magic and energy of Chima. She fed creatures, and even transport, where animals move clans. Starting to play for free, you also become part of the magic of the country and the right to choose the tribe, part of which will become. Initially, they lived peacefully, but once it seemed that the Lions are deceiving – unevenly distributed energy Mezhuyev inhabitants of the world, and since then has not stopped the conflict. They arrange fights and participate in the competition, trying to establish their own dominance.

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Country Cima and its heroes

Lego Legends of Chima games As with all the toys, games legochima also accompanied by a fantastic story that captures the fairy-tale plot and excites curiosity. What has prepared this time we legendary world of Legoland, so eventful? Imagine a country Cheema in which they live six tribes, and the worship of natural elements and magical idols.

The very first, and therefore the chief was the Lion clan and he took the mission to equally share the life-giving energy of Chi that has accumulated at Mount cavourite, among the following tribes:

  • Crocodiles  
  • Wolves  
  • Ravens
  • gorilla
  • Eagles  

This energy fed all the inhabitants of the country and even their vehicles. One day there was a fear of Crocodiles, that the Lions have abused their privilege and unfair share the magic flows between clans. But it was just a little suspect, and they began to incite others to rebel against the violators. Thus, the once peaceful country revolt broke out and started the confrontation, but the victory of each representative depends only on you, so open the game Lego Legends of Chima, to start a fight.

The incredible plot of the game Lego Legends Chima

Lego Legends of Chima games As you can sort things out in different ways, we offer you a ride chimatsikly – special fast transport that feeds on the energy of Chi, and develops an incredibly great speed on the highway. By controlling this technique, you feel like a real Lego Ranger expressways, a cowboy and master elements. Making his race, beware of dangerous collisions and obstacles that are sure to manifest themselves in your way. The real challenge thrown Lego games legend Chima calling collect picture of the individual fragments of the designer. It's the perfect way to spend time going through the levels of toys, each of which is becoming more complex and presents a new surprise. The next item is bizarre to find a place to reveal your look a certain event in the life of the country Cheema. This can be a combat boat, ready to break up and carry you into deep waters, so that you feel yourself to salt spray as the wind ruffles your hair. Also, before you the Crocodile clan, who rebelled against the Lions and the image captures a key moment of the battle. To assemble the designer, drag the pieces to each other, if they seem to be close to you in shape and continue drawing. If the move is correct, the parts are connected and you will find the other components of the puzzle.

Lego Legends of Chima games for the game Lego Legends Chima The play is always interesting and because they are available completely free of charge and our gaming portal is constantly increasing its heading the new developments to diversify your leisure, make it fun. Each child will be able to open the Lego fun and spend her time, filling it with joy. At the same time parents can always take an active part in entertainment, helping the child to deal with management to find the right place for the next part of the puzzle and remember the days when they themselves with no less pleasure piled constructor, which has become the property of many generations. Legochima games to play in a variety of means to discover new horizons of virtual space. Who would have thought that Lego will be an excellent platform for creating surreal world that come to life plastic knights and princesses, trucks and animals. What unusual people live a full life and even attracted players to actively participate in the fabulous events. Join the fans of Lego games and learn all about the life of the tribes of the country Cheema right now.

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