Minions games

Minions games

In the animated film "Despicable Me" minions are not the main characters, but they bring a special touch to the story, which many would have lost if they were not. Cute, funny, awkward and often unruly minions fall in love even adults. The kids did not miss the chance to play with them in free online games Minions where humor is gaining new forms. Pick them suits, shaved their beards, sostrig hair, eyes, and they will fly teeth, learn how to drive. Sometimes they become participants in a fight, after which they need help the doctor for injuries. And when the New Year is approaching, they love to decorate the Christmas tree with colorful toys.

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Funny kids

Minions games online you'll love playing online minions because surely you are familiar with these lovely creatures on the ridiculous length animated film « Despicable Me 2 ». Mignon can be translated as a cutie or grit, and the concept applies favorites – pets senior personalities and the royal court were guards, counselors and members of the entourage. From the cartoon you remember that the protagonist contained numerous minions, who performed odd jobs for him:

  • removed in the building,
  • built,  
  • repaired,
  • I cooked,  
  • look after the children,  
  • mowing the lawn,  
  • worked in a factory for the production of jelly.

These were men yellow oval with different hairstyles, and some had only one eye. They often fall into the ridiculous situation, sometimes started it ended a disaster, and their speech is untranslatable, but it sounds very nice. One day evil scientist experienced a new chemical weapon and stole former friend minions to test its effect on them of the drug. Composition load the glory and thousands of minions turned into purple zombies. They no longer recognize their own and like beasts attacked at his companions and all those who came in their way. But the way to cure them was found and you are in this mission will be able to take part if armed with jelly jars and will shoot them on ochumevshim brothers. Timely replenishing ammo, you return the original form minions and collecting candy jar with juice and gum earn additional game points.

Positive game Minions

Minions games online Minions games online Games mignon rush will make you smile, and you have a good time for its passage. Players will fly, run and jump, collect artifacts and improve their skills. Playful toy designed studio Gameloft and its basis is also mentioned cartoon, but because there is lots of positive emotions. Different games minions play offer in subjects where you have to overcome obstacles, to seek and fight. Young men are the mission and carry out tasks that are accompanied by risks. Once in the laboratory, they must pick up toys and other items to evade monsters and avoid the falling things. Help save the ladder when climbing on it to another level, and called for help fellow minion together easily defeat the enemy. Using a fire extinguisher, get rid of his pursuers, and to resupply weapons, try not to miss useful items that caught ahead.

All free games minions develop cartoon story familiar to us, and now you will again take on the role of one of the yellow kids helping Grew back a dangerous weapon that stole his treacherous Vector. To achieve results, it is necessary to go through several locations and collect a lot of them scattered parts. Stir the problem will have different living arrangements and robots that help vector in its atrocities and from better to stay away. To move to the next stage of the game, collect all the metal parts on the current, and then the door opens treasured. But remember, all you have a limited time and will have to act fast. Even you can create your own minion, minions playing games for free. You invited a lot of available items, in order to come up to his hair, body shape, expression of a muzzle. Every piece of clothing also will be found in the wardrobe and you can change and combine endlessly. When everything is ready, drawing easily send to the printer and printed, saved to memory.

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