Totally Spies games

Totally Spies games

Three girls spy Alex, Sam and Clover are you a series of online games Thoth Spice. Now the spy passions unfold on your monitor and you will have a pleasant acquaintance with charming beauties. Their interests include women and pure addiction, such as beautiful clothes, hairstyles, makeup. And all this will play for free, to charge you with the energy of the true spies. But as logical tasks, without which the world's agents do not, you will be offered puzzle. Collect the pieces of the image to find out the secret plans of the enemy, or to restore the secret information the women's team.

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Espionage as lifestyle

Totally Spies games for girls Again, the animated series has become the basis for computer toys. This time you entertain, playing spy games for girls Thoth Spice, where three girlfriends working in near (WOOHP) and submit your administrator Jerry. They are very different, but we know that opposites attract, complementing each other

  • Alex, or Alexander Houston, this dark-complexioned girl with dark hair and brown eyes.
  • In Sam – Samantha Simpson, green eyes and fiery red hair.  
  • Well, Kloverina Mason – Clover, a real blue-eyed blonde.

They live in Beverly Hills and are real spies, save the world, though they are not alien and teenage topics. They are happy to go to:

  • Dating,  
  • party,  
  • school,
  • try on fashionable clothes,  
  • for their make-up,
  • changing hairstyles.  

They like to attract attention and engage in sports.

saves the world playing the game of Thoth Spice

Totally Spies games for girls During Toth Spice girls games, you'll learn about the Clan « Monkey's Fist » and even engage him in battle. One of the girls is not afraid to confront the gang members and demonstrates accurate punches during a collision. Helping her to deal with enemies, manage its operations and keyboard help win. In another mission will destroy the plans of Timi scan, which has decided to lure shoppers into their stores by offering unbelievable prices. His dream – get rich and become one of the most richest persons in the world, but this will not happen, because the team learned of Thoth Spice wicked plans and is now ready to rush to the aid of people. Jerry has developed a clear plan of action and told him about the girls. First look for the keys to be anti-viruses and apply them in bank terminals, clearing those from hostile viruses. Then a new challenge – destroy the robots. Point motion arrow keys, attack by pressing Z, gadgets use the letter X, and collect artifacts and useful gadgets to help space, which will increase the game score and the chances of success of the operation.

Totally Spies games for girls Sometimes the game of Thoth Spice online offering fight with another gang of quite unexpected way, and do not be surprised if you have to play a real game of chess with the « trio macho ». Each subsequent turn goes to different parties alternately committed and not to fall into the trap, it is better not stand in the way when the boys make their move. Reaching the enemy can capture it in a trap or destroy. You have the advantage that will help determine the right direction – clicking on a character of their team, you will see the possible moves. Click on the items, which is also caught on the way, you get an extra bonus. If you're careful not to fall into the trap of the opposing team, you play a game with dignity and become the winner. War is war, but girls must periodically to rest, in order to gain strength and inspiration to new exploits. Let them go to the disco and during the game Thoth Spice Girls dance of the soul. But here we must concentrate not to embarrass myself in front of the public. When you see the arrow sailed letter or misses in a frame in the form of a heart, press the appropriate key on the keyboard and bridesmaids will move to the rhythm of the dance. But if you miss the point, they will collapse on stage and the curtain closes the whistling spectators. Of course, there are also games for girls Totally Spies, in which it is necessary to lay down puzzle, paint and dress up their beauties. Losing version, you'll see that conceals figure folded mosaic elements, return the ink image and enjoy a fashionable theme.  

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