Equestria Girls games

Equestria Girls games

Caught in a world of strangers, you can get confused. But the heroine of online games Equestria Girls were so curious that it is easy to learn and even managed to take the image of women. In his own universe is a magical multicolored pony, and you know them by their characteristic features, starting to play for free in your proposed subjects. Sparkle and her friends try on a girl's dress, go for a beauty salon, master our kitchen. They like to equip earthly home and go to dances, dating, celebrate our holidays. And if you paint them pictures, you will need the brightest colors of the palette.

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A mysterious world

Equestria Girls games Equestria Girls games Games Girls Equestria opens up doors leading into the mysterious country where magic is as familiar as science in our world. But it is worth a closer look to its inhabitants, as you know, that is not so much difference between us. Living in this magnificent country girls love the same things that we do, but because hitting one in the world of men, girls pony easily fit in the usual course of things and became his. It all started by accident when Sunset Shimmer managed to steal the crown from Twilight and ran into the world of men. Twilight could not prevent this, and went after sunset, where he became a man. Such impartial theft prompted the startling discovery of this magic and subsequent adventures.

During the game, pony girl Equestria you acquainted with all my friends, that in his world look like ponies, but once on the ground of people also become them. And because no matter where live young creatures, they always find something to captivate itself and able to adapt to new conditions. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills, gain experience, and to share their own experience skills. What most interested in girls? Of course, fashion and fun. It begins with them acquainted with the world of girls pony people. With each of them you will find yourself in a beauty salon and a clothing boutique where beauty can watch for yourself unusual outfit and transformed. Let us accompany Rarity in one of these institutions, to see how it changes. Under each icon on the playing field are hidden reserves of the entire useful things. Click on each turn, you are opening a special section with stylish new products this season.

A variety of subjects Equestria Girls games

Equestria Girls games First, let's choose a beautiful hairstyle for Rarity. To do this, grab the mouse and drag it to the heroine, then release. New styling itself snaps into place, and you will only determine the color of the individual strands, which are hidden under the following icon. Experiment until then, those where the result will be the same as you like. You can change her clothes, dressed up in her dress or by selecting from the many

  • blouses,  
  • T-shirts,  
  • shorts,  
  • skirts,
  • Bridge.  

Mix and match them so that they color and style combined, and then select an ensemble befitting sandals, shoes or boots. When the suit is equipped with, look at options for changing color – fantastic horse will be easy to change all the colors of the rainbow.

Friendship is a miracle girl Equestria, is also playing the music. Go to the disco with her friends, and learn to dance with them. When the training is over, you will demonstrate the skills learned at school dances. Well, with a sweet tooth Pinkie Pie will open a pastry shop – a paradise for gourmets and gourmands. There is always plenty of cakes, buns, choux cream, candy, cakes, jams, preserves and jams, ice cream and cookies. And that store has become more popular, give Pinky sell goodies and receive their profits.

You are waiting for the game May Little Pony Girl Equestria, allowing to play in many different directions. There is also a quest where Twilight Sparkle with her friends from Ponyville came to Equestria and now they need help with the execution of tasks, so that they reach the intended target. Another girl pony – EPL Jack, decided to open a salon. Visit her institution and give himself up to even more beautiful and attractive to become. Even young skin needs special care, and the creation of the rules of style you will learn from the corresponding games to care for themselves.

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