Fast and Furious games

Fast and Furious games

Racing is always awake excitement, but some people a little passion for sport and Give them the feeling of the adrenaline. They arrange a night in the city of dangerous races, and their actions threaten trouble. Police on the nerves, because all the drivers violate traffic rules on the road. Will take you from pursuing law enforcement? Let's see, as long as you have time to play free online games Fast and Furious, in which events unfold all races with obstacles and chase. The fastest car, the most daring drivers, the most winding roads have been waiting for our game versions of Fast and Furious. Click on the gas and race forward!

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at breakneck speed

Fast and Furious games In 2001, Universal Studios released the movie rental « Fast and Furious ». In it we are talking about the elusive gang of criminals who drives a black Honda Civic cars with neon lights and looted a truck carrying household appliances. Police speculated that a group of street racers who participate in illegal races – street racing. The English name of the criminal action movie The Fast and the Furious Russian language can be literally translated: fast and furious, which is consistent with the basic idea of ​​the film. Later came the continuation in five series and if you have already revise them all a fan of the fiercest races or simply enjoy high-speed fun, we suggest you pay attention to the game Fast and the Furious, which can repeat all the stunts and chases, which abounds in cinematic tape.

Leaving the track, fasten your seat belts tighter, not to depart from the seat of the car. Before you open the most dangerous road filled with obstacles. You need to break away from the chase, and not get into an accident, to adventurous mission was successful. Try your hand at the time of drift, turning corners without slowing. The car will skid, tire burning and carving pillars of sparks, leaving traces on the asphalt melted rubber. If you cope with the task, the spectacle will stunningly spectacular. To achieve best results, practice a few times to pass a line. So you get a feeling for agility and be able to manage it more effectively. These racers like merge with the car, becoming one with it intact, which gives the feeling that it is they themselves are full steam ahead, overcoming many sharp turns. When the lights of the city at night, and its streets are empty, their only enliven street racers roar of the cars when the engines roar echoed screeching tires.

Fast and Furious Games – for fans of extreme sports

Fast and Furious games Fast and Furious games Choose a car and get ready for a frenzied race. You will not only wasted a choice of color machines, because in everything else, they are absolutely identical. Four desperate daredevils will not be able to sleep in a soft bed, if not previously felt the veins poured adrenaline grace. She started on the track and ready to rush into battle at the first signal. Pull yourself together and press on the gas, wring out of his steel horse all horse power, leaving competitors behind. In a corner of the game screen map of the route in front of you, which shows all the participants. This will help to monitor the situation and prepare for the next turn. You can drive on it, winding circles and several times to bypass the other participants arrival, score points and leave everyone with a nose, becoming a standout.

On another occasion, it will be interesting to transfer to a jeep and experience new sensations. Powerful technique knows no barriers even in the sandy canyons. It is necessary to accelerate, as it should, and you have no one to stop, perhaps inadvertently turned upside down. But even in this case the machine itself will be on all four wheels. However it is better not to bring this up, or while you wallow, rivals on the one-two overtake you at a decent distance. Open the game online Furious race and come off in full. There are no special conditions, because street racing – This race without rules, where there is always room spy games. If you got into a dangerous thing for you and now the chase, in this case drive a car you have the real machine. Let him in the course, if the pursuers got too close, but do not see themselves perish, so as not to ruin the whole thing.

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