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Game Street Pursuit

Street Pursuit

Before us is a new exciting game of street racing Street Pursuit. It on a plan writers we dive into the fascinating world of roaring engines, the speed, the adrenaline rush when your car is rushing around the city. All this awaits you in the game Street Pursuit. So, your task is to drive around town and collect the money. You will interfere with the police in their cars. Of course, your task is to escape from persecution by any means. You can worn on the footpaths and lawns, to ram the machine both simple drivers and police. With this action they will also drop bonus pack with the money that you need to collect. With each new level the number will increase pursuers, and location map will increase. Also remember that a task is given a certain time and in it you need to meet. Game Street Pursuit has a rather fascinating story and will be enjoyed by all fans of games where you have to drive a car. Bright graphics and music create an indescribable atmosphere that will help you brighten up more than one hour for an exciting game.
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