Game The Princess And The Pea online

Game The Princess And The Pea

Game The Princess And The Pea online.

Welcome to the game The Princess And The Pea, thanks to it, you penetrate into a real fairy tale famous storyteller Andersen called"The Princess and the Pea." If you have heard this story, we will not just recall, it is useful to those who first heard about it. In a fairy-tale kingdom there lived a young handsome prince to the same and more divorced, his parents: the king and queen are very concerned about the son's marriage, they want to choose the bride's favorite offspring a real princess, and it's not easy. In neighboring countries, too, the children, and those of Princess, which periodically appear at a party, are an impostor. Crowned parents have already lost hope to marry his son to a girl of royal blood, when one event has presented them a surprise. One evening a terrible storm broke out and knock on the gate of the palace. What happened next, you know, being in the game The Princess And The Pea. To tale, not always ended happy ending, try to do everything necessary for that. Find the keys to the door, they would be at least fifteen, then will find the one that will open the carved leaf. Hurry up, otherwise the girl on the street does freeze from the weather. Lovely guests presented the princess, but who would believe her word for it, the queen mother knows a reliable way to check the accuracy of the statements, and you can help her. Find and collect all the pillows in the palace, move enclose peas and pea under the mattress is the lowest. On how the night will take place on the mountain of soft quilts depends the future fate of the girl and the whole kingdom, and you will become a direct participant in the events. In the game The Princess And The Pea you have to show patience and attentiveness, in search of hidden objects - the main thing that is required. Toy like girls and boys, and Mom can relax while their kids solve problems and develop royal playing. Perhaps, after beating the game, you will want to read the well-known tale. Play on any mobile devices.