Game Anna & Ariel Pricess ball Dress up online

Game Anna & Ariel Pricess ball Dress up

Game Anna & Ariel Pricess ball Dress up online.

In Erendelle planned holiday - great Christmas Ball. It is held every year and you are invited, if you look in the game Anna & Ariel Pricess ball Dress up. Elsa busy preparing, and her sister, Anna meets her best friend - little mermaid Ariel. Girlfriends get together to work on preparing for the ball, and choose their best outfits. Courtiers royal seamstress worked day and night to fill the wardrobe with luxurious dresses of princesses, jewelers have made jewelry from the rare purity of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Cobblers started doing the skin thoroughly to make elegant shoes, where you can dance all night, and not be weary legs. You will have the most pleasant experience in the game Anna & Ariel Pricess ball Dress up - fitting and start with Anna. Open your door and pull out the drawers. Look carefully at the contents and try on everything to find the only way you can determine the most suitable beauty. Transform the princess, turning it into a dazzling beauty. Start with the hair and finish the shoes. When Anna is ready, proceed to create the image of the little mermaid. Girls want to be unrecognizable to a masquerade, so please be stylish masks. Herald has already announced the beginning of entertainment events. Girls waiting for new acquaintances and unusual adventure, the night promises to be fascinating. And in the outfits that you select them, beauties certainly will succeed. Game Anna & Ariel Pricess ball Dress up - for girls, they learn a lot of interesting and useful, clothing Disney princesses. Open the toy on mobile devices, and share your impressions with friends and classmates. Wear heroines and compare the results, and compete in style and learn to be always beautiful and fashionable. Enjoy colorful graphics and interesting plot, the game is sure to please you and give pleasure.