Game GrubRunner online

Game GrubRunner

Game GrubRunner online.

In this game you expect Grub Runner exciting night race on the roofs, where scattered large number of gold coins. Runner waiting for you is not quite normal, you choose one of three characters: a slice of pizza, burgers and Roll. Choose one of them and get ready for the fact that you immediately have to run across rooftops, jumping from one to another. Gradually, the running speed will increase and will be increasingly difficult to do so that your character did not fall down. Also in the game Runner Grab will present a large number of facilities to deal with that is absolutely impossible. Each of your mistake will lead to the loss of one life available. At the end of each level you will meet the person. Which is insanely happy to your arrival. Moving from one level to another, you are every time you will be provided in a more complex area, which will jump on the roofs is quite difficult. No image lying on the roofs of the packages, which will be based on a lot of coins, which will be the reward for your agility when running across rooftops in Grub Runner game. Of course, you have a good workout, before you can take the last levels of the game where the race will be very fast and a lot of noise cooked your way. For an accurate jump need to carefully calculate the thrust force by adjusting it with the left mouse button. The longer it is clamped, the higher will continue to jump. This can lead to what is your runner fall down. Do not despair, there will always be able to start the level again take place, taking into account the errors and it will lead you to victory.