Game Princess Juliet Museum Adventure online

Game Princess Juliet Museum Adventure

Princess Juliet Museum Adventure

Juliet and her friend was going to book to visit the museum, its opening is scheduled for today in the game Princess Juliet Museum Adventure. When he came to the building of the museum, the princess found closed doors and decided to knock on and find out why there is no grand opening. The museum's director admitted the girl and told her misfortunes. It turns out someone stole the eve of the dinosaur bones, are now imposing relic figure being turned into a shapeless bones set. This exhibit was one of the most important, was the pride of the museum or cultural institution like this one did not have anything like this in their storerooms. The director is shocked and asks for help from Juliet, little is known for its exceptional deductive reasoning, it is - a born detective. Reaches out to the Princess Juliet Museum Adventure, it's time to start looking for clues. Go through four rooms and collect all the bones, which are find. To move to a new location, you need to dial a certain amount of coins, which will happen if you runs out of time and find all objects given on the level. After complete assembly of different types of bones, you need to determine which of them belong to the dinosaurs and save the show. Be dexterity, ingenuity and enable logic, without it in Princess Juliet Museum Adventure game can not do, as well as in the investigation. You will find a fun and exciting adventure with your favorite heroine.
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