Game Bloom and Flora Dress Up online

Game Bloom and Flora Dress Up

Bloom and Flora Dress Up

Bloom and Flora are one of the six beauties of the fairies, graduates from the Alfea school. All the girls are united by a strong friendship, including those who will become the heroines of the game Bloom and Flora Dress Up. Before you are two beauties who are friends, but in matters of choosing outfits, the girls are irreconcilable. Each has completely different styles and preferences, so when choosing outfits, by no means make them the same, this will offend the heroines. To change the top, bottom, shoes and jewelry, just click on the icons on the left and right. With each click, the outfit will change, and you will see how it suits the girl and whether it is worth leaving it as it is in Bloom and Flora Dress Up.
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