Cowboys games online

Cowboys games online

Free online games Cowboys, this romanticized version of the life of people in the Wild West, when America was in its infancy as a free country. Freedom was too much, and because people do not feel safe. Each had a few guns and knew how to handle all the bombs. Start playing and you will see that often happened was a duel, killing, looting. Robbers attacked coaches and locomotives to rob the passengers or fleece zip car. Play darts – favorite game of cowboys and look what happened to McCoy, who undertook to help certain businessman – he became a cactus!

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Feel like a resident of the Wild West Cowboys playing games

Cowboys games online Romantic Wild West continues to haunt the adventurous minds. Gringo with guns every belt, boots, and even in the saddle steed made them armed and very dangerous. Their unchanging image: stubble on his face, hat, spurs on shoes, sticks, knives and guns. They are always in the way, but because they were required to wear priporoshit dust roads. Favorite drink – whiskey and a cigar in his mouth unchanged. It seems that these gentlemen knew no fear and were always ready to resolve the dispute in a duel, but often correctness proves without leaving behind the bar. Then lived unwritten rule: who fired the first shot, he is right. In the time of independence in America, every child knew how to use firearms, and it must have been for each of the law, that at any moment a person could protect their lives.

Cowboys games online Banditry flourished lush color: looting passenger coaches, trains and banks were commonplace. Feel safe yourself, no one could, but no one wanted to leave the newly formed country. To learn about the daily life of that period a little more open online games cowboys and you will plunge into a world of chaos and gambling. You have a choice – become a villain or « Lemonade Joe », that is a good cowboy who protects the weak and unfortunate. In these computer toys always have to keep your finger on the trigger and be ready at any time to click on it. Visit you in a duel cowboys, and the only one who would get his first revolver and shoot accurately, remain alive. Disputes underway here in a special way – masculine and without sentimentality. Do you dream of getting rich? There is nothing easier than during online games cowboys, if you do not have guidelines on a pure conscience. Riding a horse, you have to rush after the train and shoot at those who protects him. You have recently learned that the rail carrying a valuable cargo:

  • gold,  
  • Money,  
  • diamonds.

Cowboys games online When so many treasures collected in one place, not a sin to lay his hands on. That's only necessary to try to stop the locomotive and believes that little business done. But the task in front of you is not easy, because the armed guards brutally fights on, trying to protect the deposits of citizens. If she would shoot you before you reach your goal, your game will be played.

Help McCoy

A series of games about Cactus McCoy tells his sad but instructive story. Once he was also a man and an adventurer, and therefore agreed to perform a dangerous task for a customer for a very large sum. Encroached on the promises he broke all the rules and neglected legends. Having produced artifact ordered him atop the mountain, he felt it fell upon tired and decided to descend down to not waste time and spend the night just outside finds that in the morning to leave the sacred place. But when I woke up with the sunrise, I found that turned into a cactus. Now he's on the run and looking for a way to regain its former appearance. This is a very difficult task and you have to pass a lot of tests to achieve the desired result. In computer products, you will find many stories where McCoy moves through the levels, fighting enemies, overcomes obstacles, produces artifacts. He could die a million times, but it has excellent support in your face, but because there is still hope. Then test yourself in a game of darts, which is a mandatory attribute of cowboy bars. The rate will be your life, so try to hit the bull's eye. Card games and thimbles also be a favorite pastime of the brethren, and we propose to test their luck in their warm company.


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