Game Cowboy vs Martians online

Game Cowboy vs Martians

Cowboy vs Martians

Cowboys quietly grazed their herds on the prairie, but a sudden storm came up and landed on the surface of some strange flying objects, similar to the plate, and from that point on the Earth ran into trouble. Time for you to step in and start the game Cowboys vs Martians, to clarify the situation and put things in order. It turns out, the planet Mars was visited by ships and exploration, and in order to capture. They explored the situation in advance, the territory of their impressed and ugly green humanoid decided it was time to clear the area of ​​people to justify their colony and devastate the Earth, taking all of the resources. If the invaders plan succeeds, the planet turn into a lifeless desert without living creatures and plants. Play Cowboys vs Martians and help the cowboys with the enemies from Mars. Newcomers do not know to whom they attacked, brave guys quickly deal with the enemy and you can help them. Green men have got from their plates and spread out on the ground, hiding behind various shelters: metal, wood, ice. Charge your cowboy Colt and shoot at the enemy, if he is out of reach, crush ice platform, use the barrel with explosive shot, press the button to activate the mechanisms and take out the aliens in the zone of fire, and then they do not leave of defeat. Game Cowboys vs Martians - this shooter puzzle game, you need not only to shoot accurately, but also to come up with different ways to get to the enemy heads. Be smart and be able to play on any of the mobile media (tablets, smartphones and other devaysakh), thanks to HTML5. Cowboy with your help, would deal with the invaders from the red planet and save earthlings from the terrible fate of being destroyed.
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