Doc McStuffins games

Doc McStuffins games

Look at the toys and find those who are in need of repair. And how to help them, will tell you free online games Dr. plush. This girl has a private clinic, where she helps a variety of toys to heal the damage. If someone has got dirty, wash it with a sponge horrible stain and pet will be as good as new. She deftly mend the hole and return to the place of the missing item. Comes to her plush little animals, and even trains with cars and for all, the girl can find the magic cure for the disease. Learn how to cope with problems and you, if you start to play our game, in which you can also have fun in sports areas.

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Doc McStuffins games for girls Doc McStuffins games for girls

The young doctor

Before you play doctor on a small teddy six-year girl. Disney Studio shot of her series, which the kids liked the story and positive. Cinematic product turned out quite in the spirit of the studio, which is famous for the high quality of their creations. Now it has become possible to play the game Doctor Plush, participating in the life of a girl who cares about toys, restoring their external beauty and health. Surely you too kind to his teddy, rubber, silicone and wooden toys. When they are new, they are not to tear the eye. Dolls behave affectedly in stylish dresses and stunning hairstyles; bunnies, bears, kittens and other soft toys, tselenkie and smell good; rubber ducks and fish splashing and squealing with you in the bathroom. Cars and soldiers full of lacquer coloring, and other toys are used during the game. But time passes, paint obluschivaetsya wheels fly off, hairstyles lose appearance, her dress torn, plush diverge at the seams, and discharged to the outside packing, rubber covered with spots. Some people prefer to throw out an old toy, replacing it with a brand new. But friends do not act.

Help the toys playing games doctor teddy

Doc McStuffins games for girls If you value those who have lived with you for a long time and are associated with them memories, better take care and podshtopat, paint, wash, mend them to continue to collect stories that will be so nice to remember later. Very often break down, get dirty and torn favorite toys. How to rectify the situation, the game will prompt you to the doctor teddy girls. Together with the heroine Provide assistance to four of her toy friends. You even have the special tools and the first to be:

  • Dinosaur. Take a magnifying glass and carefully read the lizard for signs of damage. You will definitely see a place that require your intervention. It turns out that he sold the seam, which is visible through the wool. Well, this is fixable! Take the right tool and slide it along the cutting line. Filler will immediately hide inside, and seal the seam. Now the patient is happy and joyful jumps.  
  • Next in line Snowman – He somewhere got dirty and needed cleaning. With toys that happens often, because they accompany their owners at the dinner table, sharing a meal. The procedure starts again from inspection under a magnifying glass, and when you find a spot, take a wet sponge and wipe the soiled place until it shines again purity. Now, when he joined the reconstructed dinosaur in its place he made a new patient.
  • Lamb. It seems she jumped up pressure and you have to measure it. Special medical tool to help you do it, and when the sheep feel well, she will join the company's healthy toys.  
  • The latter will fish – she too soiled, and you need to clean it from dirt. That's all – toys happy again and the hostess could hug them. You are hints throughout the game.  

See, that shows you the image and repeat, playing free games doctor teddy. These toys appear in other amusements. Of course, they have names and we are ready to open them. Blue dragon called Dragon, lamb – Labiya. There are hippopotamus, who helped the girl during the treatment of small animals, and her name is Halle. Now that you are familiar with all officially begins in the game free to play doctor teddy. You will look in the room objects, learn to dance with Labiey collect snowman, swim in the role of the little mermaid and collect the stars, playing a police chase, coloring books and puzzles.

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