Game Bob the Robber 1 online

Game Bob the Robber 1

Bob the Robber 1

Not really lucky robber named Bob urgently needs your help! And though he tries to avoid teammates in such a sensitive matter as theft, but now quite exceptional case, and you - a certified person, you can rely on in difficult times. The fact that our unfortunate thief decided to make serious cash and found the perfect place for this, the only problem is the fact that the police department is just around the corner, which means that our hero is absolutely no margin for error - any small mistake will result to prison, and time to get away from the chase he will not! But, if you are entering a business, we can hope for a great outcome of the case, because there is no longer such a wise and cunning tactic strategy that is an excellent opportunity for action, even where they seemingly and not at all! Help Bob to cope with the task, to enrich the few and feel the sensation of respiratory drive from danger right in the head!
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