Beyblade games

Beyblade games

The wonderful world of anime again with you. Free online games Beyblade invited to play in a wonderful fun, competing in throwing their tops to tops opponent, pushing them off the field. Tyson Granger and Kai Hivatari from one team, but constantly prove their superiority. Everyone was professional Beyblade, but you can always show the best results. Play with them in the original game, and let your top will be the fastest, most accurate, rapid. You have several levels to win on points and take the place of the captain « Crusher Bleyderov ».

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Beyblade games Beyblade games These fans do not miss new products of Japanese comics – manga and animated series – anime. But it is not necessary to be an ardent fan of the genre, to appreciate the charm of Beybleyd games related to the category of logic fun.

In contrast to the basic scenario, no version of the game tells the whole story of heroes, and focuses on the main – anger management tops, throwing them on the field so as to push tops rivals and not to depart from the site. To do this, you must work on the skill of the cast and feel the force is applied.

The main contenders are Hivatari Kai and Tyson Granger. Although they are on the same team, but the competitive spirit is not soon make them friends.

Kai and Tyson – complex characters leaders

Tyson Granger is a part of the team « Crusher Bleyderov », different stubborn, purposeful, fearless character. This young man goes ahead to its goal, loves and knows how to win – these abilities he can not refuse. Having won three consecutive championship, he became the best player in the world. But Tyson knows that the title could slip away if you do not continue to work on yourself. Growing up, he acts more confident, demonstrating first-class game.

If the only member of Team Tyson Crusher, the Kai Hivatari its captain. He comes from a noble family, who will inherit a military campaign. He has a serious, balanced character, which gives icy calm. Purposeful Kai also not hold, and the spirit of competition initially prevented him to come together with Tyson, but gradually their relationship become warmer, and they become good friends.

Beyblade games

Remember the purpose of tops

  Volchok – This rapidly rotating disk, flying swiftly across the field, and straightened with objects. Each destroyed a top contender brings the scores and get the bonus points will help other artifacts, such as an asterisk.

In order to achieve the best effect, it is helpful to know the characteristics of the tops:

  • Storm Pegasus, it's tricks: the meteor rain, starry attack gale wing tornado.
  • Galactic Pegasus – Version Storm Pegasus after evolution.
  • Space Pegasus (also known as the Big Bang) – continued improvement of the second embodiment of Pegasus with such methods: large tornado, explosion, change of regime, the main transfer. This top can be called legendary, as he once created a furore.
  • Kioi Lion Rock has a top royal lion and tearing blow wing tornado.
  • Sagittarius Kent fiery reception from the clutches of a top archer.

Beyblade games Workshop game Beyblade

You have to solve some logical tasks, show how much you clever and apt. To throw the target spinning tops, without these qualities are not enough. Each fun levels gradually become more complex, making the act decisively.

As the game Beybleyd not seek to present the story of anime, the process focuses on the basic steps – start tops, and remind yourself of fun sign for you: Zuma, slot machines, pinball, three in a row.

During the flight, the disc-top bounces off objects, obstacles and walls to continue the flight in a chaotic shattering mission. But in addition to Tyson Granger can arrange competitive archery, show figures on the trip by jeep to help the hero to destroy all the bubbles slide on snow-covered mountain on a sled. Help him to cross the river, riding the rickety rafts to Tyson he fell and drowned. Then fill in the color of the paint with a team of « Crusher Bleyderov ».

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