Cover Orange games

Cover Orange games

you become a fan of logic toys if ever to play in the free online game Save the orange. They do not play hard, putting his arm with another subject: box, wheel, triangle or roll on the selected area and throwing them down. To achieve it is necessary that the objects changed the design, making it for oranges and apples in the house where they will hide from the terrible cloud. Because it is unusual in the form of rain gear that harm heroes fruit games Cover Orange. You will be more fun with a series of challenging levels, and promises to be a fascinating passage.

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Everyone, everyone, everyone playing the game Save the orange!

Cover Orange games Cover Orange games If you want to have a great time and get the benefit of the gameplay, you need save the game orange. The series is designed to hone the logical fun logic of the kids, but also adults helpful to check on your ingenuity. The authors of these virtual products with a positive sense of humor and took the case, and they did. You can open any toy from the proposed series as scenarios are similar and do not break the sequence of the chain of events.

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Meet the rosy, fun and relaxing oranges, which substitutes the tender sun round the sides to become even juicier and sweeter. He is completely relaxed in the cozy warmth razomlel, but in vain, because soon there will be cloud. She smiles mischievously, carrying the deadly rainfall – sharp gears. Cloud will cover our hero is not just toxic rain, and pierce his delicate skin of sharp spikes. Oranges had severe allergies to them, and even with a light touch with this threat begins to blacken and decay.

Since our task is to save him from death, it is necessary to build a shelter, where he perezhdet threat to security. Play Save the orange, and the main thing to be a mouse – find the right solution, discarding items that are available to you:

  • The triangles
  • Barrels
  • Life rafts
  • boxes
  • wheels

leading the mouse on the screen, find somewhere better to throw another object, and the accuracy of these actions depends on the fate of the hero. Each element is capable of:

  • To provoke the destruction of the platform
  • detonated a bomb
  • Close the failure

Cover Orange games Cover Orange games

is on the design of oranges, taking a comfortable position, and a plan to escape from the troubles you are cooking. With the explosion of a bomb may form a niche where sunsets fruit. To make it airtight, it is necessary to block all the holes, which can seep into the gears. Fold large items in the gaps, and they will override it. To get started with the task, the first couple of levels are unpretentious, that you understand the principle. Then begins the real zubodrobilka for fans of complex logical problems.

Designs are layered with a variety of transitions and floors where it is not clear where to start, so everything went well. The hero also appear Friends apples, first one, then the pair, which are also to be saved. They, too, are afraid to come under sharp attack rain clouds, and they require a temporary house to wait out the attack. Be careful not to destroy the very character – they may or injured by a bomb falling into the gap between the blocks.
Do not worry if the first attempt failed mission, because attempts to pass the stage again given set. Try and experiment with the options, taking into account previous mistakes, and developing new tactics. This feature makes the game Cover Orange more attractive and popular.

The universal way of entertainment

There are few virtual fun in the play are fun for all generations. This product attracts the kids and parents who are themselves not averse to fill leisure time rewarding and fun pastime. Why not check and, if necessary, do not hone common calculation and logic thinking? The joint search for solutions only brings generations, unites parents with children, teaches fun together.

Vivid pictures, funny characters, addictive gameplay, of course, is good for toys presented, drawing attention to them. A unique product for fans of this genre, where, along with the outside charm present obvious benefits.

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