Mixels games

Mixels games

Meet unusual tribe of little creatures of different colors. They are invited to play free online games Mikseli and ready to show off their magical abilities. By controlling the natural elements, they are opposed Nikselyam - a long-time enemies. If you are wondering about their ability to control fire, water, metal and ice, look, what can they be united. At Lego elements are quickly disassembled and reassembled in a different sequence. As it turns out being completely updated with new skills, ready to drill down, blow up bombs and war.
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V MIXELI games are played only with a smile

Mixels games Fantastic world expands its boundaries by accepting new fairy-tale creatures. In front of you Mikkseli games with their restless, nimble, funny and funny kids. Since they became inhabitants of a magical country, they are also ready to demonstrate their own talents. Each manages to control a certain element:

  • Wood
  • Lands
  • Ognem
  • Frost
  • Metals
  • Electricity

Know to which of the tribes each belongs easily, because all are painted in different colors. They are friendly and like to unite to create something new. So they become stronger to resist the Nixels to their enemies, who can not stand the fun and laughter. It is worth the Mixels begin to frolic, as Nixels do everything to interrupt the colored crumbs.

What kind of tribe are they?

Mixels of the game are created on the series"Mixeli", filmed at the studio Cartoon Network. If this funny cartoon product you have not seen, it's time to get acquainted with the characters and learn how to recognize their tribes.

  • Mixels games Glorp Corp. tribe of sticky, slippery and green dwellers of marshes, surrounded by dirty diapers and sewage algae.
  • Mancho eternally chewing slobbery violet mixels. They constantly talk with a mouth full of food, and if you do not want to be spit, evade the saliva that emanates from the mouth.
  • In the Veldo tribe, yellow secret laborers have come together to repair and create any mechanism of iron and stone.
  • Clinkers generate useful ideas.
  • Frostikons of the lords of ice.
  • Lixers with long tongues adore trying a new taste.
  • Glukis live in caves, sparkling in the dark with their eyes.
  • Infernites are real hotheads. They are unpredictable, control the fire and are not afraid of high temperatures.
  • Orbitons discoverers of new planets. They have all the equipment they need for space, but because of their gravity and their slowness they have not learned how to manage it.
  • Speakers love to play and they think they are cute and fluffy, but in practice are covered with spikes.
  • Vistinguishing wizards.
  • Fang Ganges are known for their unbridled appetite.
  • Floxers are only horrible to look at, but during the acquaintance they surprise with ingenuity and inquiring mind.
  • Cragsters mined from the mines of ore simple, great guys.
  • Mixels games Electrodes live in towers on a mountain close to thunderclouds to be charged from lightning.
  • Nixels are the most harmful creatures with a tendency to destroy everything. Especially infuriates them when several Mixels manage to create a new force. To prevent them, they want to hide and destroy the Kubits.

Mixeli busy with something?

Each character is able to understand and reassemble, and when there are several of them, we change the elements in places, and we get a unique creature with unusual abilities, because it's Lego Mixeli game. Get down on the underwater shuttle to a depth to explore the bottom, destroy worms and find treasures. And Mixeli's game is filled with dynamics, because you have to save friends, mixing objects and building protective structures.
Manage characters, press the keyboard buttons and use the mouse to help them jump, collecting bonus artifacts during the task. Children of the game Mixeli play like because of the unusual appearance of the inhabitants of the magical country and the colors in which they fall.
Free Muxeli games, these are always interesting tasks in which you can control robots; To collect energy spheres; Show courage, dexterity and accuracy, shooting hostile insects or collecting color blocks and marching to the music of the planet.

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