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Steven Universe games

Protect the world - an important task, and it will manage only the true heroes. Online games are the team of Steven Universe Gems: Steven and his girlfriends Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet. Try to be with him for free, entertaining passing tests, folding puzzles, shooting at targets, grazing goat - young Stephen, putting in order the room, searching for treasures and doing other interesting things. Being in the company of young rescuers, you become part of their daring adventures. All they are doing with a smile and a twinkle, fun and easy. Join now to keep order!
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Games Universe Stephen sparkling gems The plot of the animated series Steven Universe, books and comics are now supplemented with a virtual product. Games Universe Stephen continues to develop the theme of intergalactic warriors and travelers who describe themselves as semi-precious stones, and it includes four of the hero: • Steven - like a normal kid with a curvy shape, in fact it is hidden in a huge secret. He half-boy, half gem, but still trying to understand the secret of the stone, which gives it strength. • Pomegranate - a girl, radiating a mortal danger, but it has an enchanting beauty. • Pearl - a bit naive, but pretty girl. • Amethyst is sometimes crazy and reckless, but always playful and active. Together, they united team, the real super heroes. Once met, they became inseparable, participating in all the adventures that fate throws them generously. However, from the feat to feat Steven Stone got from his mother Rose Quartz, and since then studies its properties. Like the rest of the group gem stones poured a force of his own body. Mastering its potential, it rests with the girls or save the world, because the more they do not rely on anyone. If earlier Gems was a powerful interplanetary civilization, now only four fragments - the last four of the hero. All previously majestic places and relics now lie on the decline, desolate and forgotten, while they themselves are isolated Gems. But none of the story can not be told if there is no intrigue. In the case of Steve and his friends it became a monster who oppose the latest super heroes. Once they, too, had a human appearance, but have lost the ability to keep it, and now they are driven by anger and a thirst for destruction. Their eyes were fixed on the earth, and in the minds of brewing a terrible plan. A variety of games universe Stephen It's time to start playing the game universe Stephen to help plump young man to perform the task. As his friend and pet you have not yet been presented, it's time to meet him - Steven Jr. goat. This mischievous sometimes delivers a lot of hassle and can be a pain. One day he ran away from the farm where the boy was resting, and now we have to get it back. Please be patient and golden apples to lure the goat on the right path. Most youth have to jump at least his horned pet jumping on the shaky rocks and avoiding different obstacles. And in order to return a loved animal on the farm. Like all boys, Steven is not a fan of cleaning, and she decided to teach him a lesson Pearl, calling duffel rain. The boy has to quickly sort the items on the baskets, so as not to drown in a shower of falling objects. There will be other exercises. For example, to become the best fighter in the universe, we must improve. To do this, Steve catches the coin and on the harvested crop depends on whether he got the super power that will destroy monsters. Another exercise that girls jewelry young men - target shooting, and to awaken in him a martial spirit, painted their portraits on the devil. It helped, and now Steven shoots well from the pictures, picking up more points on the account. The girls will be interesting to know which girl they are closer: Pearl cute, naughty or dangerous Garnet Amethyst. To answer just a few questions, and get an answer. Then fold the puzzle to see than it is now occupied by the super heroes Gems. Pick up items, peering into the shade and unfinished lines, which will find continuation in the next piece of the puzzle game Universe Stephen.

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