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Regular Show games

Online Games Regular Show the same fun, like a cartoon, released in 2010. Raccoon Rigby and Mordecai jay always together, to deal with another matter. Sometimes they are joined by Bigfoot Skips and then in front of them like no one can resist. Even aliens who shamelessly ate all the sweet cakes prepared by our company, and now swung to steal milk! But they did not know that you are available to play for free, and you joined the heroes quickly discourage them hunt steal. You jute race melee classes, catching fireflies on a lake, restoration of ancient totems and other exciting adventures.

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Regular Show games Regular Show games When you tell a parent or anyone else was different, in any case, do not open the box, rewind the tape a few times, you will surely be gnawing curiosity and desire to know what could be so forbidden. Or, if you are told that you are in no way did not look any particular film – You are sure to see it out of curiosity. Perhaps the creators of the American cartoon series called « Regular Show » They operated on the same principle as naming his creation. The animated series of Cartoon Networks, released in the air in autumn 2010 has become very popular not only in the US but all over the world thanks to its unique features. In 2012, he even won an Emmy. The plot is fairly simple series: jay named Mordecai and for her faithful friend and companion – raccoon Rigby, who work in one of the city parks, at times fall into different funny situations. The beauty of this animated series and the main difference is that you will never guess what awaits you in the following snippet of each series of the cartoon. During his illogic he received so many positive reviews, and it gained its popularity and a large enough audience.

  unusual city park workers

  Regular Show games Additionally jays and raccoon animated series has dozens of other characters. I offer you a brief look at some of them. ,


  • Regular Show games Mordecai – blue jay, one of the main characters of the animated series. It is quite lazy, but not so his friend Rigby. Mordecai like the local cafeteria waitress – robin named Margaret. Features Jay – two strips of white on the wings and two black fingers.
  • Rigby – Another main character, which befall a variety of funny situations. He, like Mordecai and 23 years old, he has a much lazier. In the animated series Rigby often die, unlike jays (he dies only once) and he is the main culprit for all troubles that occur with two friends. Rigby really bad fights and likes to play computer.
  • Benson – the creators of the animated series in animated automatic granting of chewing gum. Benson is the head of the park, and after each Mordecai and Rigby antics threatened to fire them. Is the antithesis of the two friends love to work and work, but just as Jay with a raccoon, loves to have fun. He is the only character who does not live in the park, and in his own house.
  • Skips – tercentenary Bigfoot. Conscientiously perform their assignments and often helps to get out Mordecai and Rigby of the situations in which they fall. Skips gained immortality in exchange for the fact that on his birthday he must perform special ritual dances.
  • Regular Show games Regular Show games Pops Mallard – ledentseobraznoy man with head shape. Very friendly and cheerful, the best friend of Benson, but his friends said Mordecai and Rigby, even though their irresponsibility. He is the son of the owner of the park.
  • Maslmen – Shorty bold green. Very rude and angry. Often, because of him, our protagonists fall into trouble, but from the middle of the animated series, he even helped them sometimes. Quintuple – ghost, which is a distinctive feature of the hand on his head. Best friend Maslmena – not for a moment does not depart from it.
  • Margaret – a waitress at a local cafe. She was 21 and it – Krasnogruda robin. In her secretly in love jay, however, she does not feel the same for him.
  • Eileen – Another waitress. Hybrid beaver and man. Eileen secretly in love with Mordecai, but, again, not a one.

The unpredictable adventure online game Regular Show

Based on the animated series was released a few mini-games. Regular Show games are also available on our website. They are available free of charge and requires no installation. In addition to the games story, you will find and unusual, such as a game Regular Show furious kick. If you like to have fun, you like to spend time interesting toys – Regular Show start to play games right now: the sea of ​​positive impressions you provided!

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