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Kids Next Door games

From time to get rid of the tyranny of adults! - So decided to children, we built a tree house, took the call letters of the first five digits, and began his campaign to fight tooth cleaning, school lunches and other unnecessary laws. Starting to play free online games Taynaya team of our yard, you come into their secret club. Get ready to go down in search of an artifact in the dark catacombs and the fight against piracy, to reflect the attack rutabagas, secret codes to open the door to participate in the battles of water, run hamster in flight. What else is conceived urchins, learn, start the adventure.
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Games Kids Next Door: the struggle against the rules Her dream of children - to get rid of moralistic adults. TV and computer on a schedule, lessons in the first place, cleaning the room, dressed bed, brushing teeth - sick of it! In the dreams of the children are sent to Peter Pan, there is no place where parents and permissiveness reigns. But there are adults who remember very well the restrictions as they dreamed soon become adults, to do things their own way, and how disappointed not to gain freedom, give up his childhood. Fantasy Tom Warburton has led to a remarkable animated series "Codename: Kids Next Door", which in turn found a continuation in the game's plot Taynaya team of our yard. Jogging on the plot The basis of the story lay five kids adventure at the age of 10 years, who organized a team to fight the tyranny of adults. They hate all that they say to do parents, teachers and other people over the age of 13. The organization invited children from around the world, and in the end we got an extensive network of secret organization KND. But it contains a strict rule - when the group member reaches the age of thirteen, he erased the memory, and he does not remember the existence of the organization, where it is communication centers, which plans are developed and by what means it owns. But there are special frames, earn the trust, which continue to work with the CPV, becoming a teenage spy organizations. The others lost their memory, are beginning to think the other categories against which themselves have fought before, and become enemies. The main command post located on the moon, and in the house on the forked tree, equipped with the best technology, the new lodge members who have passed preliminary training. Now they are the defenders of the world's children are suffering from nagging adults. The main organizers - five children who refused to secrecy of personal names and took the call letters as numbers from one to five. Each episode - a new mission As in the animated series, the game Kids Next Door is offered in each series to perform a new task, in order to complement the history of the organization another victory. Even the children's playground and amusement park offer a variety of situations in which you will need wits and agility to cope with all. • Jump • Run • Play sports games • Avoid the Pitfalls • Solve puzzles Thanks to the ability to solve problems, you simply leave victorious from any history, beating adults. Let the team only children, but a lot can and will not be lost without the guidance of the older generation. So they brought a drilling machine and started to collect the sweet turnips in the rocky soil. Just drive arm and steered the car to the new root, avoiding collisions with rocks. You can only move forward, and each fruit will bring glasses. It will also have a meeting with the pirates during the chase the game KND boat. At the same time leaning on the cannon firings, shoot enemies and grab yourself in the water of the victims. The race will be exciting, fast. The next time you meet a pirate in the bunker. He rends the air with shouts and threats of closing in front of you next door. Open can be only typing the correct code. Memorize the flashing lights, and then repeat the sequence and move forward. Beware also of rabid vegetables in the kitchen. Go forward with caution, exploring the room and saw the advancing products rather shoot them before they destroy you.

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