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Family Vasnetsov, it is now Free Games Father's Daughters, with whom to play online is no less interesting than watching the metamorphosis of their life on the screen. Masha, Dasha, Zhenya, Galina and Buttons - Pauline offer tests that you check the knowledge of the series, and some of the characters look like your character. Let them different, but the sisters are friendly and do a lot together, for example, go to the movies, doing the cooking, love to dress fashionably. Playing offered toys, help them with every assignment, and another time, become their nanny go to the dance, add some colorful puzzles.
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Games Father's Daughter: A large family

Father's Daughters games Father's Daughters games is difficult to imagine that there are families in which more than three children. Even three brothers and sisters do not always live together, Vasnetsov and manage to keep the house peace, order and warm atmosphere, although it single father bringing up five daughters. All of them with their whims, tastes and aspirations, but it only enriches their lives, and if there are difficulties, all together they will find their solution.
Russian TV series"Father's Daughter"was at the peak of popularity in 2007, 2013 –, hold the lead in the rankings, and winning the award four times Taffy. Spectators along with the characters experienced their successes, tragedy, romance, history, school trouble and the choice of profession. We empathize with them, and rejoiced, when difficulties were behind, but now that the TV version of the back, you can open the game Father's Daughter, and once again become part of their company.

Visiting Vasnetsov

Father's Daughters games Games Father's Daughter 2 along with other parts of the gaming products will help you to remember the tastes and habits of heroes.

  • Sergey Vasnetsov – father of five girls. He educates them, trying to find time for each grade education. Daughters love him and know that he did not miss, if you need help, and always give the right advice. Containing numerous family difficult, if he has to work late into the evening, running your own business.
  • Ludmila Vasnetsov – mother who long ago left the family. The lady is frivolous, but loves his daughter, and when you need her help on the first call immediately rushed.  
  • Masha – flirtatious, glamorous, fashionable, endowed with the natural charm of the girl. Among sisters, she is the eldest, and claims to supremacy, but cleverness is no different. Naive and trusting, but when necessary, will do to men in all that she needed.
  • Dasha belongs to youth adrift go̒tov. Dye their hair in tar - black color, make-up and clothing is also in dark colors. Stojko withstand the ridicule of classmates, but do not understand the family. One comes to her disappointment, she throws her dark outfits, turned into a real beauty, and the first married.
  • – Eugene athlete and activist. Her thoughts and lifestyle dedicated to the sport, but showing wisdom, did it the basis of his life, when it is time to be determined by the profession. But becoming a sports commentator, it continues to enjoy the games.
  • Galina – family brain. Always balanced and sensible. Talent to the knowledge of science has gone to her grandmother, and there was no doubt in her bright future. What a surprise it was when she went for her only Polezhaykina – love school, enroll in the Police Academy.  
  • – Polina most beloved younger sister, nicknamed Buttons. It lives childish innocence and curiosity, but it is already clear that it will be like a mother in the future.

Cheerful fun sisters

Open the game Father's Daughter for free, and do not hesitate in choosing the game theme. Help the sisters to choose new clothes, put her hair and make-up. They invite you to the game Daddy's Girls play for free to cook new dishes for dinner, and after washing their dishes, you can be creative design rooms – girls, given their tastes.
accompany them on the trip will help the game Daddy's Girls go to the sea. Surprisingly, not all things are in order, and we must do something: Dasha is going to make a mystical ritual, and save your disk from the Spider, Masha needs help put the right clothes, Wife – to fix the underwater hunting rifle, buttons – save grandmother Bublik.

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