Hotel Transylvania games

Hotel Transylvania games

The incredible story is a young traveler - boy, Jonathan. One day he wandered into the Hotel "Transylvania" and saw a bunch of monsters, which are read only in books. Start playing free online games Monsters on vacation, and you will meet again with the monster Fankenshteyna, Invisible Man, Mummy, little family of werewolves, and even Dracula himself and his cute daughter vampire Mavis. The monsters were quite warm now. You will learn to play the organ, search for items and collect puzzles, and even hire a nanny to the cubs, so they do not run up to the hotel.
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Unusual and mysterious game Monsters Vacations

Hotel Transylvania games Hotel Transylvania games Collect all the fabulous monsters with – this idea came to the founders of the authors of the comedy animated feature"Monsters on vacation", which premiered in 2012. Today it released computer game Monsters on vacation and the version for mobile phones. The skeletons, vampires, werewolves, and other invisible beings too tired from the daily duties, frightening and biting people, and enjoy the opportunity to collect from the company to have fun, to relax from the cares, to discuss progress their careers.
In the story thus became an occasion birthday party daughter of Count Dracula, who became an adult – she was 118 years old. For the vampire she very young, and my father is afraid that her daughter did not do something silly. She wants to have fun, to see the world, but Dracula is worried, and convinces her that people are cruel, and among them is dangerous.
In the middle of a party at the threshold of the hotel there is a youth - tourist who got lost in the woods. He was glad to see the shelter and just did not understand, who in front of him, thinking that he was at a costume ball. When it cleared, he was terribly scared, but later even became friends with a young vampire.

The main characters of the game Monsters on vacation and guests

– cartoon

 Personazhi very colorful images coming from different stories. You will see skateboarding hand, living in the Adams family, being dried with the magic of voodoo head, living skeletons and armor.

  • Hotel Transylvania games – Count Dracula primarily caring father, and then the dangerous vampire. But in the movie, he looks quite good-natured and intelligent. All smiles, and behaves as a good host who wants to make the evening enjoyable. He tries to convince the daughter to the danger that awaited her at the threshold of the castle, but then resigns himself, and releases to gain life experience. Performs a character of the game Monsters Action Vacations.
  • Maeve – young 18 -year-old vampire (Dracula's daughter), who dreams of freedom.  
  • – Frankenstein Monster is made up of individual human bodies, and animated by an electric discharge of lightning. It does not tolerate bad fire and plays the guitar.
  • Murray
  • – Egyptian mummies, a talented guitarist, quickly picks up the chords of any melodies, even rock 'n' roll.
  • Wanda and Volfych – family of werewolves with a large offspring pups, who constantly run up. My husband checked the clock, showing the moon phases. Help them raise young in an aviary playing Monsters Vacations games for free.
  • – The Invisible Man sees poorly and wears glasses. According to his assurances can make time travel.
  • Jonathan
  • – a young man who fought off the climbing group and randomly was a guest of monsters.

Games monsters

Games Monsters Vacations dress up like girls, because here it is possible to treat the teeth Mavis, collect colorful puzzles and go through the maze with Jonathan and Dracula. With Murray the mummy nice to play music, and an employee of the hotel – zombies help distribute the luggage of guests, directing it to the color paths.
Games for Girls Monsters Vacations are invited to take the test to find out their compliance with one of the monsters. A black-and- white picture elements get the movie: popcorn, film, video projectors, deck chairs. To understand is not blunted or fear vigilance, get paired cards, memorizing pre their location. On the care offered to the game to find the numbers on the picture, or you can be creative, filling the contours of coloring with colored inks. Topics looking cartoon frames, you probably watched.

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