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Pico games

To play free online games Pico, enough of your desires. The red-haired young hero but knows how to handle weapons. He opposes any enemy, taking with him a rifle, a pistol and a gun. If you have a serious skirmish near his friends, ready to come to the rescue. Play with Pico and one with friends, explore the corners of the school and look for a safe exit. Do not get lost if you have to fight with a wild bear, because you have a weapon. But the goblins have come to you with axes, and pose a serious threat. Pico fighting not only enemies, but also cares about the environment.
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Game Pico: small character

Pico games Pico games children's imagination has no limits. Game Pico acquaint you with the boy, who is studying in the third grade, and he is too active imagination.
His dream bright and unusual. He can not understand all the intertwining of images, but there is a chance that you will be able to deal with. It's not exactly a nightmare, but the boy feels uncomfortable and wants to awaken. He needs to find a way to leave the world of illusions, and return to reality. You are with him in a confined space, and action options are not many, but we need to try to look for and to experiment.
The school is also waiting for Pico incredible things. One day in class one student went mad, pulled out a machine gun and blew his head first to the teacher, classmates and then. He survived only a miracle Pico, and now he is torn in the hallway, trying to get out. All the doors were locked, and useful objects not so much. Look into all the lockers, perhaps there will be found something worthwhile. Navigate through the open corridors, but be wary look in the classes there is something terrible, mystical. Children soar through the air, as if to instill in them the impure force, and if the approach them, start to attack. How to escape from the accursed place? The output must be.

Vse boys play voynu

V game Pico infantry can play together, and everyone gets a team of three children, who do you choose yourself before the battle. Battles take place gradually, you attack, then attack you. To do this, the game provides its own management system Pico:

  • Strelki left / right movement means the right / levo
  • Verhnyaya arrow pryzhok
  • S selection switches personazhey
  • Probel confirms deystvie
  • Tsifry May 1 help you choose oruzhie
  • Vse four arrows are used to pritselivaniya

Syuzhet games Pico Infantry has continued in the second part, where the trio of brave boys, led by red-haired Pico aims to beat rivals once again.

Esche more adventurous while playing Piko

Pico games In the life of a child is always a place important events, adventure, fighting, fiction. The setting is modified, and a cardboard box becomes a tank, a fortress, a hopper, and slide playground will become a springboard or a runway. Game Pico knowingly look primitive in his hand-drawn graphics. To interest young players, you need an interesting story, and the image itself is not so important. You prepared for a meeting with all the school yard bullies, and they must defeat the precise strokes of professional karate.
The platformer is a peculiarity of passage. From the first steps you will see the dangerous bosses, who when faced with Pico take part of his life. It is switched off for a few minutes, and when it gets to his feet, ready to act again. Jump over enemies, if there is no other choice, but if possible, destroy their weapons.
Boy Pico love nature and take care of her. If he has time to run on time, the garbage will go in the basket, if there is no complement the green lawn of the park.

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